Prostate Cancer as Number One Preventable Health Crisis


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Can you believe that prostate cancer is the number one cancer-killer of males in the world? Can you also believe that there is no niversally-agreed upon strategy for its’ diagnosis and management? There is a lot of talk these days about prostate cancer on the news, yet nobody can seem to figure out what is behind the whole thing. A recent article actually suggested that masturbation is the solution! Tired old references to the high incidence of prostate cancer in the clergy are cited. If you have ever surfed the Internet with your content filter turned off, you will have no doubt that the entire world is doing anything but holding back their seed in pursuit of spiritual ideals.

So what is behind these staggering numbers? Chinese medical theory would suggest that too much *** activity is as bad as too little, and common sense in any culture points to the benefits of moderation with respect to any activity. Plant-based herbal remedies like saw palmetto and pumpkin seeds are purchased in large numbers, but the relief they offer is fleeting at best. Their temporary benefit, however, points back to a concept in Chinese medicine called “excessive yang. ” In western thought, we would say that something has “overheated. ”

Your prostate may indeed be suffering from a fever! How could this happen? The answer lies in a substance called DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. This is a by-product of testosterone metabolization, and perfectly natural. DHT is what allows you to produce erections and build muscles. Ironically, it also leads to an inflamed and enlarged prostate if it continues to accumulate in the prostate gland. Interestingly, DHT accumulation in the scalp is what accounts for hair loss. Incidentally, this explains why western drugs that promote hair growth also promote testicular shrinkage.

The truth is that DHT production has been on the rise over the last 30 years. The western world eats a tremendous amount of meat that is filled with hormonal back-wash that has been accumulating in livestock long before they are ever brought to the slaughterhouse. How else could we “grow" the animals so fast? Poetically, we also absorb this accumulation of hormones when we eat these “fast-track" animals. We also ingest sports supplements and energy boosters purchased at our local vitamin shop that are filled with hormone pre-cursors in order to deliver on their claims of more energy and enhanced *** function.

This in itself may not be so bad for the prostate if all the excess DHT was actually burned up. Unfortunately for the prostate, it rarely is. This is where the problems begin. As time goes on, the prostate really has no options available to it other than to grow larger and harder. This brings on a flurry of problems such as premature *** tion, urinary incontinence, and ultimately impotence. In this respect the medical establishment has resumed their usual course of inventing harmful surgeries, radioactive seed implants, and side-effect laden drugs. The bodies keep piling up and survivors are exactly that-often with permanent damage to their *** organs as a result of their treatment at the hands of the medical establishment. In the end, a lot of it comes down to money: many chronic wasting diseases such as cancer and AIDS have simple, cheap cures but this doesn’t make anybody any money. Of course, I am aware that I will be branded a conspiracy theorist at best and an imbecile at worst for making such a statement. The common belief is that a cure for AIDS would be all over the news should it suddenly be discovered. People who subscribe to such notions also believe that AIDS “cocktails" are what is keeping industry poster-boy Earvin “Magic" Johnson from kicking the bucket prematurely.

The truth is that there are cheap and effective solutions for most of life's problems. Mind you, I don't think buying a pair of magnetic rings will make you an immortal, but I do think purchasing an electronic blood cleaner modeled after the one used by the medical industry itself (or is it the other way around) makes for sound experimentation.

Getting back to prostate problems, some people have gone back to traditional prostate massage methods, but the traditional methods are often messy or psychologically as discomforting as a routine prostate exam. Luckily, there are new herbal remedies being developed by individuals who use their own bodies as laboratories, and these same individuals are developing methods for massaging the prostate that are non-invasive.

With knowledge we are one step away from power, but it is the application of acquired knowledge is where the power really lies.

Plato Rosinke offers education and herbal supplements to fix prostate problems. If you've got a prostate problem, then we've got the solution.


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