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Ovarian Cancer Symptoms - What You Need to Know


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Reproduction is one of the most essential parts of life. However, there are many things that can alter this. One of those things that can alter this is ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer attacks the reproductive organs of a female, specifically the ovaries. It is the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths in women, so it is important for everyone to know more about ovarian cancer and the common ovarian cancer symptoms that come with developing this type of cancer.
Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer in its early stages may not produce any symptoms at all. However, as the cancer grows and spreads, it produces several different symptoms. Common ovarian cancer symptoms include pressure and paint located in the back, legs and pelvis. Other symptoms of this disease include a swollen or bloated abdomen, nausea, indigestion, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and fatigue or weakness.

There are some less common symptoms that can show signs of possible ovarian cancer. These symptoms are shortness of breath, frequent urination, and heavy virginal bleeding including heavy periods and bleeding after menopause. However most, if not all of these symptoms are incredibly non-specific so it is quite impossible to tell if you have ovarian cancer unless your doctor finds it.

Doctors have several methods for diagnosing ovarian cancer. In a physical exam, your doctor may press on your abdomen to feel for any signs of tumors or abnormal buildup of fluid. A doctor could also perform a pelvic exam. In this exam the doctor feels the ovaries and nearby organs for tumors or any misshapenness. Your doctor may also order a blood test. In the blood tests, it is checked for several types of substances, specifically CA-125. CA-125 is a substance that is often found on most cancerous ovarian cells. If there is an unusual high level of the CA-125, it is likely that it is ovarian cancer. Ultrasounds are also used to look for ovarian cancer tumors. Ultrasounds look at the organs inside the pelvis and can accurately map them out. Biopsies are also used to look for cancerous cells in tissue or fluid.

Being aware of the ovarian cancer symptoms, even though they are non-specific, is incredibly important and can even save your life. It is very important to go see your doctor immediately if you have or suspect you have any of these symptoms. Arresting cancer early is incredibly important because it makes it easier to treat it and increases the survival rate. If you do have cancer, discuss with your doctor on the various treatment options available to you.

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