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Three Symptoms to Lung Cancer


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Lung cancer is the biggest side effect of smoking cigarettes. Since it's deadly it's important to recognize all the early signs and symptoms of lung cancer.

The first symptom is constant coughing. The lining of the air passages contain sensitive nerves. There purpose is to protect the airways from any foreign substance like dirt, dust, blood or a tumor. By stimulating the cough reflex, these nerves help the body get rid of particles, therefore keeping the airways clean. If a tumor develops near the airways passages, coughing will be the primary symptom. Coughing is usually the primarily symptom in 20-80 percent of cancer cases.

The second symptom is wheezing. This is the sound that is produced as air tries to pass through an airway that is partially blocked. Tumors usually produce localized wheezing that's heard on the side of the chest where the tumor is located.

The third symptom is coughing up blood. This is by far the most severe of the three. If the surface of the tumor bleeds, you will cough up blood-tinged mucous. This final symptom should be taken very seriously. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible if this ever happens to you.

After you have been diagnosed with having lung cancer, the next concern is how quickly it my spread. This called the doubling speed and is important in determining which stage you're in. This will determine how much time you have to receive treatment. This is especially important in small cell lung cancer, since it tends to spread more rapidly. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms visit your doctor right away. He'll be able to give you all the information on the best treatment options to fit your individual needs.

As previously stated, the spread of lung cancer should be taken very seriously, for more information please visit our: What Is the Doubling Speed for small Cell Lung Cancer page. We are a web site that's dedicated in helping people stop smoking today.


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