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Your Lung Cancer Symptoms in a Nutshell

Jonathan G. Michel

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In the early stages of lung cancer, often, you will have no symptoms. It is as the cancer grows that the symptoms begin to appear. Here's what you should be looking for when you suspect that you have lung cancer symptoms.

Some of these symptoms may include a cough that gets worse or doesn't seem to want to go away, breathing problems (including shortness of breath or wheezing), a constant chest pain. . . especially when you cough, at times you may be coughing up blood.

This is accompanied with a hoarse voice, frequent chest infections (such as pneumonia), or an infection that doesn't go away, feeling fatigued all of the time (feeling very tired all the time), unexplained weight loss, and a loss of appetite.

Be aware that other health problems may also cause some of these same symptoms. Whatever the case, you need to immediately get checked by your doctor.

These conditions are also symptomatic of many other lung problems, so a person who has any of these symptoms should definitely pursue the cause until one is sure of the problem. When a person goes for an exam, the doctor may ask many questions about the person's medical history, including questions about the patient's exposure to hazardous substances.

More often than not, a person having symptoms of lung cancer will be given physical exam. If the patient has a cough that produces a sputum (mucus), the mucus itself might be examined for cancer cells. The doctor will order a chest X-ray or specialized X-ray such as the CT scan, which helps to locate any abnormal spots in the lungs. The doctor may insert a small tube called a bronchoscope through the nose or mouth and down the throat, to look inside the airways and lungs and take a sample, or biopsy, of the tumor. This is just one of several ways in which a doctor may take a biopsy sample.

However, more and more doctors are using a form of CT scan in smokers to spot small lung cancers, which are more likely to be cured as compared to a large large tumor. The technique, called helical low-dose CT scan, is much more sensitive than a regular X-ray and can detect tumors when they are very small, which would otherwise not been on a regular x-ray.

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