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The challenge posed by mesothelioma is very high and doctors and researchers are on the look out for new options of treatment. Radical mesothelioma treatments, also referred as experimental treatment, are new advancements in the treatment of mesothelioma. Sometimes it is used along with traditional treatments and sometimes alone. Since these are new treatments, the effectiveness of treatment and side effects are unknown.

Patients who are interested in trying radical mesothelioma treatments can get involved in a clinical trial or clinical studies. Clinical trial is a rigorously controlled test of a new medicine or a new invasive medical device on human subjects. In the United States, experimental mesothelioma treatments are conducted under the direction of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before being made available for common clinical use.

Gene therapy, immunotherapy, photodynamic therapy, and complementary and alternative medicine are some of the radical mesothelioma treatments. Gene therapy is the modification or replacement of missing or damaged genes in the cancer cells of a mesothelioma patient with functional ones. The treatment methods differ according to the types of genes used and the methods used to inject them into tissues.

Immunotherapy is the treatment employing natural substances which the body uses to fight infection and disease. This treatment is generally used along with other treatments to strengthen the mesothelioma patient’s immune system. In this procedure, artificial immune system proteins are sometimes injected to stimulate a patient’s normal ability to fight sickness. Photodynamic therapy involves a drug which is stimulated by a photosensitizing agent.

Complementary and alternative medicine methods are used in combination with other treatments or alone to treat or alleviate cancer symptoms holistically. These methods are not considered as valid by many in the medical profession; however numerous patients and alternative healers think these practices are very effective. Acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, therapeutic massage and Eastern medicines are some of the alternative options.

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