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Research and studies continue in the pursuit of a cure for Mesothelioma. This is where we try to find and innovate creative new treatment plans, remedies and solutions for coping, dealing and addressing the disease and the quality of life for the patients suffering from this disease. It robs the patients of their very precious breaths of life.

Evaluation of new treatment effectiveness, therapies and related medications or medical interventions is ongoing and for most doctors and specialists in this field a passionate and urgent, as well as serious pursuit and commitment is unquestionable. The race is on to find a cure for this rare type of cancer.

The newest technology and procedures are being tested in experimental conditions and clinical trials and progress is being made, albeit small steps at a time. We keep unraveling the mystery and deadly secrets of this killer cancer.

Here are some examples of some of the progress and ongoing studies underway at present:

Combination chemotherapy
More than one treatment at a time approaches have proven successful. Mixed results at times just deepens the complexity of these diseases, making it obvious that there is more here than meets the eye. Drug cocktails and mixes are tested in clinical trials on real patients and the results publishes in medical journals. Most of the patients respond well to the treatments and feel that they are doing their part to forward the science and treatment of themselves, but also many others.

Intra-cavitary chemotherapy
Invasive and aggressive internal treatment, by applying the treatment drugs or chemo elements directly into the cavities (like a concentrated and much higher dose, localized) This is done and has been successful, with minimal side effects and the results look promising. It actually reduces the damage significantly and controls the spread somewhat. It holds promise for more experiments and clinical trials in years to come.

Brachytherapy or radiation (radio-active) treatments are placed directly into the chest or peritoneal cavities.

Multimodality therapies where combination treatments and methods are used surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation to optimize a patient’s chances for a successful outcome and surviving the disease, have a quality of life in their final days and even die with dignity and manage pain associated with the progressive nature of the disease.

Gene Therapy
This is a revolutionary and experimental form of Mesothelioma treatment. It consists of a genetically and manufactured virus to counter the effects of the disease, , repair the damage and stop the progression. It attacks the tumors and cancerous areas, stains, all in an attempt to intervene and cure.

Giving patients a fighting change and improving their quality of life, these approaches typically focuses on giving the immune system a boost to fight the disease. It leverages the body’s natural ability to want to re-establish equilibrium and heal itself.

Photodynamic therapy
Photosensitive drugs are used to treat the tumors or affected area.

There are lots of other examples and always the hope that the cure is around the next corner! Pursuits and efforts in this area will continue.

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