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Oprah's Acai Berry For Cancer - Top Health & Natural Benefits to Help Leukemia & Other Ailments


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There is no known cure for cancer yet but in efforts to find a cure, a hope for one was found. In a recent study conducted by the researchers of University of Florida, it was discovered that 86% of the laboratory-cultured cancer cells self-destructed when administered with acai berry extracts. This is among the first studies which aimed to analyze the fruit's potency in countering the development and effects of cancer cells. However, this in-vitro study is limited only to leukemia cells. Apart from this, nothing else is known in the relationship between acai berry and cancer.

The results of the study were promising. However, it should be clearly emphasized that the compounds extracted from the acai berry are not sufficient to provide a cure yet.

Instead, they only showed that leukemia cells can be triggered to initiate self-destruction. Nonetheless, most compounds tested in laboratory settings often demonstrate desirable results when tested on actual human bodies. It should also be noted that the same experiment was conducted with other fruits that have certain antioxidants. Most of these fruits have shown remarkable effects.

As of the moment, it is unclear whether or not the same result will happen to cancer cells in the body when introduced with the extracts because there are several factors that may impede the same effect such as biochemical processes. But this problem will be soon answered because the same team of researchers is currently looking into the response of cancer cells towards acai berry compounds on human trials.

Acai berry may not be the cure for cancer but hopes are high and the possibilities are encouraging. Further discoveries on the effects of it on cancer cells are still in the open. Maybe in time, more conclusive evidences regarding the link between Oprah's acai berry and cancer may be found.

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