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Colon Cancer Warning Signs Saved My Father-in-Law's Life

Brandon Johnsonn

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As with any disease, there are several colon cancer warning signs, and, again, as with any disease, you should never ignore them.

My father-in-law is a pretty cool cat!

He's 62 years old and has been jogging 20 miles or so a week for years. . . now I am not a runner, so I have much respect. Last December he decided it was just too cold, in the morning, to jog, so he decided to take a break.

In March, when it started warming up, he went back to his morning runs. But, it just didn't feel the same. At first, he could go about 5 miles and then he was just exhausted. He kept trying, but was feeling increasingly short of breath and just didn't have the same energy as before.

His beloved dog, Emma, who used to get a run for her money was now running circles around him.

He wasn't overly concerned at first. . .

Colon Cancer Warning Signs

Maybe he was just getting old? Maybe taking that time off really knocked out his endurance, even though he had done it in the past and bounced back much quicker. . . ?

Another 4 months of feeling winded and drained and he said “uncle" and called his doctor.

It turns out, he HAD stage 2 colon cancer and was severely anemic from internal bleeding.

The moral of the story?

If he was sedentary to begin with, he probably never would've even noticed that he was short of breath and lacking in energy. If he didn't exercise, he wouldn't have been in tune to his body enough to know that something was amiss.
Colon Cancer Warning Signs

Not everyone exercises to look like a super model or have 6-pack abs. The real benefit of staying physically active is to feel good and know when you don't!

AND I am very happy to say that he cheated this disease and is having a full recovery!

So, please, do the same: Watch out for colon cancer warning signs, or any other symptoms you have that don't feel quite right, because your body may be trying to tell you something.

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