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Colon Cancer Symptoms That You Should Know


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Numerous people find out every year that they have colon or colorectal cancer. This is why it is important to always know the significant signs and symptoms, especially if you are at high risk of developing the condition. Although the colon cancer symptoms may not always be obvious, these may be the crucial signs that may help prolong your life. The sooner they are detected, the bigger are your chances for survival.

Who is At Risk

Anyone can develop colon cancer. Both men and women are equally possible candidates contracting this disease. There are however a couple of people who are particularly more at risk than others.

Although young people can also develop this cancer, those who are 50 years old and above are at a greater risk. This is why people at this age bracket are often recommended by their doctors to undergo colon cancer screening at regular intervals.

It is also quite possible that the condition may run in the family. Those who have relatives or family members who have had this disease may also be at risk of developing the condition.

Sometimes though, the risk of cancer of the colon may be increased by certain lifestyle factors. Smoking for example is a number one culprit that has been implicated in a number of other cancer conditions. Aside from smoking, leading a largely sedentary life and eating too many foods that are high in trans and saturated fats may also lead you closer to colon cancer.

Some people also have a higher risk if they have been diagnosed with certain conditions. Obese people and those who have diabetes for example are considered ‘at risk’ people. Those who have had polyps and certain bowel diseases or disorders may also be at risk.

The above-mentioned risk factors are not absolute. Even people who may not have them may still develop colon cancer. This is why it pays to know what colon cancer symptoms can manifest with the condition.

Signs and Symptoms Of Colon Cancer

There are times when people show only very slight symptoms. Sometimes the colon cancer symptoms may be so indistinguishable that it seems like there are no symptoms at all. This is why some people may be diagnosed with cancer of the colon only at an advanced stage. In any case, being sensitive to even slight symptoms may already provide a clue to the condition. Paying attention is important if colon cancer is to be detected early and treated.

A person who has a developing colon or colorectal cancer condition may frequently feel tired. They may also experience increased stomach cramping, gassiness or even some slight abdominal pain. Stool consistency and bowel movement frequency may also eventually change. Sometimes, blood may appear in the stools although this can also be a sign of some other condition.

You can never be too sure with yourself. You should always consider seeing a specialist if the symptoms appear and if you are particularly at risk. At the age of 50, regular screenings should be performed on you even if you are not at risk and have no symptoms. Colon cancer is most easily treated at the early stages so the sooner you find out if you have it, and can recognise any of the colon cancer symptoms, the better for you.

In the United States, it is estimated that 1 in 17 people will develop colon cancer . Knowing the signs of colon cancer symptoms could prove vital to a better colon cancer prognosis. For more information about colorectal or colon cancer, please visit TODAY.


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