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Digital Mammography For Breast Cancer of High Risk Women


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Breast cancer isn't something women should take lightly. Leading health experts recommend women over the age of 40 to be screened for breast cancer every one to two years. Women at a higher risk for breast cancer, such as family history of breast cancer, shouldn't hesitate and schedule an appointment with a mammography viewer. These women are more likely to benefit from one than those at lower a risk.

The latest mammography viewer being used in offices across the country is digital mammography. This newer technology takes an x-ray image and stores it electronically on a computer through the use of RIS PACS. Digital mammography stores images on a PACS web viewer or simple PACS viewer, allows of altering of the image, and transmission much more efficiently. Another great thing about digital mammography workstation is the fact it doesn't use nearly as much radiation as traditional film mammography.

There have been a number of studies showing that a digital mammography viewer can be beneficial for not only women over 40 but also all women, especially those with dense breast tissue. It isn't too different from what you would be used to either. The positioning and compression of the breast are the same in both traditional film and a digital mammography workstation. It feels basically the same as getting a traditional film mammogram.

In this type of mammography workstation, there are two pictures taken of each breast are taken. During the first, the patient is faced toward the platform and the RIS PACS image is shot down at the breast. The second image is a side view and then repeated on the other breast. Some techniques include magnification mammography which allows an image to be zoomed in to a specific area of interest and then transferred to a PACS viewer to be analyzed later on.

There are no diagnostic tests necessary before a digital mammography viewer. Most doctors simply recommend monthly self-exams and yearly breast exams by your regular practitioner.

There are certain recommendations which you should think about prior to scheduling a mammogram:

  • Schedule one when your breast tissue is least tender. This is typically one week after your period.
  • Women often report less discomfort if they cut out caffeinated beverages and take vitamin E for several weeks before the mammography viewer exam.
  • Inform the mammography workstation technician if you are pregnant, have breast implants, or are breastfeeding. Implants create problems on the PACS web viewer by making it more difficult to see all the necessary breast tissue.

    Afterward, a radiologist will analyze the mammography viewer images and discuss them with you at the end of the appointment. Depending on the results, additional tests may be ordered.

    Wayne Hemrick writes about the advent of future technology. RIS PACS and the DICOM standard, patient information can be shared electronically and near-instantaneously by digital imaging users using a host of modality, computer hardware and imaging software vendors.

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