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Breast Cancer Prevention - Learn How to Prevent Breast Cancer


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Breast cancer is two words that no one wants to hear in their life. While many believe this comes on out of nowhere, there are some things that you can do to work toward breast cancer prevention. Not that this will completely remove the possibility of contacting this deadly disease but it can drastically reduce your chances of getting it.

Among the easiest things you have control over is your diet and exercise regimen. A strong link to breast cancer is alcohol. While it really does not matter what type of alcohol you drink, it is essential you take care of your body and limit your alcohol consumption to less than one drink a day.

In addition to your diet and exercise, try to stay as physically active as possible. By maintaining a healthy weight through a healthy diet and staying active, you can lower your risk of breast cancer. Try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise three to four times a week.

The next thing to look at with breast cancer prevention is hormone therapy. Long-term use can undermine preventing breast cancer, which makes it vital for you take the time to talk with your doctor about discontinuing long-term hormone therapy. Long-term treatment with estrogen-progestin combinations can also be detrimental toward preventing breast cancer.

Unlike what you may have heard, there is no concrete evidence to support the link that birth control pill causes breast cancer risk. Many study have identified a very weak link between these pills and the occurrence of breast cancer. As a matter of fact, the incidences of breast cancer from the use of birth control pills is about 4.7 women out of 10,000 at the most. Therefore, women should not worry themselves too much in the use of birth control pills for contraceptive purposes.

The last thing you want to be aware of is the link between breast cancer and exposure to pesticides and unnecessary antibiotics. Although research is not conclusive, you should be aware of the link between the two. The molecular structure of some pesticides resembles that of estrogen. In addition, scientists have found a link between antibiotic use and breast cancer. The longer antibiotics are used, the greater the risk is of getting breast cancer.

Paying attention to the different breast cancer prevention methods is vital to avoid having to face this devastating disease down the road. Taking control of your health and lifestyle can have positive effects on your life. Take note of the tips listed in this article to help you prevent getting breast cancer. Learn more about preventing breast cancer at .


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Breast Cancer Survival Rate - Stage 4 Breast Cancer
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