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Are There Really Breast Cancer Cures to Extend Your Lifespan?


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Cancer, regardless of the location, is a devastating piece of news that you can receive. Like all other kinds of cancer, breast cancer can be deadly. But if you stop it early enough, there are breast cancer cures that can drastically extend your lifespan.

Chemotherapy and hormone treatment have dramatically reduced the death rate from early breast cancer. There have been numerous studies that have found that chemotherapy and hormone treatment extend the lives of patients by at least 15 years. What is even more assuring is that the treatment gets stronger over time, proving the therapy is actually eradicating the cancer from the body.

Studies and analysis has shown that catching breast cancer early enough cuts her risk of dying by almost 50 percent. Undergoing six months of chemotherapy and taking hormone treatment for five years will allow patients to completely rid their body of the breast cancer.

The key is to catch the cancer in its beginning stages. For most women, it is now a standard practice to treat early breast cancer with surgery and radiation, followed by chemotherapy. This helps reduce the risk of a re-occurrence happening. If your tumors are sensitive to the hormone estrogen, another breast cancer cure is to take an estrogen-blocking drug tamoxifen for five years.

A concern that many have had for quite some time is whether these treatments are actually breast cancer cures or simply delaying the inevitable. However, the continuous studies and constant data that comes in shows that these treatments are indeed curing people.

Breast cancer therapies continue to improve year after year with further research. Technology is constantly evolving and more breast cancer cures are being developed. Despite this, there is still a long way to go to help prevent breast cancer, develop targeted treatments, and find better ways to predict an individual's prognosis.

One thing is for certain; identifying the cancer as early as possible contributes greatly to extending your life. This is precisely why it is vital you are aware of the numerous signs and symptoms that are prevalent with breast cancer. The last thing you want is to identify a lump or another symptom and put off seeing a doctor because you are scared of the results.

So are there really breast cancer cures or are these treatments simply delaying the inevitable?. Constant research and data has proven that chemotherapy, hormone treatment, or tamoxifen can all increase your lifespan and potentially get rid of the cancer altogether. Learn more about proven breast cancer cures at .


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Breast Cancer - What If You Are Too Old Or Too Sick For A Breast Cancer Surgery?
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