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Breast Cancer Survivors - A Healthy Lifestyle Prevents Breast Cancer

Dr. Anca Martalog N.D.

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A healthy lifestyle helps diminish the probability of developing breast cancer. Having a child before the age of 30 offers some protection because of the estrogen-free time period during pregnancy and lactation.

If you have no control over the above, the next factor might be more controllable: a diet low in bad -fats leads to a 30% reduction in breast cancer risk. Along with fat consumption, it is worth mentioning that a woman's weight also plays a role: adipose (fat) cells secrete estrogen and more fats cells lead to increased estrogen circulating in the blood. Breast cancer is associated with increased estrogen in a woman's body: a long estrogenic time period in her life (early onset of menarche, late onset of menopause, no child births, etc. )

Another controllable lifestyle factor involved in manipulating breast cancer risk is alcohol consumption. Every year alcohol is responsible for 5% of breast cancer diagnosis.
A woman who drinks alcohol daily increases her breast cancer risk by 6%.

Perhaps the must preventable factor and controllable in the same time is increased consumption of fruits and vegetables. Along many vitamins and other necessary healthy nutrients, fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants- first defense against nasty toxins slowing down natural healing processes of the body.

A diet high in fruits can reduce breast cancer risk by 30%.

In Japan, where the daily diet contains fish, rice, legumes, and less bad fats, the rate of breast cancer is the smallest in the world. And when this kind of diet is associated with at least 30 minutes of physical exercise per day, the breast cancer risk is decreased 50%.

Studies show that lack of physical exercise is responsible for 11% of breast cancer cases in the world.

Perhaps the worst factor that literally “feeds" the cancerous cells is the artificial hormonal therapy, HRT (hormonal replacement therapy) used widely in menopausal women to preserve youth. As bumpy as the as the menopausal years can be, HRT is not worth it especially in women who are already predisposed to breast cancer; natural alternatives instead of HRTare available. Weather you are recovering for cancer or just interested in prevention, a hesalthy lifestyle always ensures breast cancer prevention.

And now I'd like to invite you to learn more how naturopathy can help you recover from cancer by offering you a free access to my upcoming Tele-seminar on natural cancer recovery and to Dr. Anca's Naturopathic Dietary Considerations for CANCER pdf; for details, go here:

From: Dr. Anca Martalog, N. D - survivor's coach of cancer survivors network


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Breast Cancer Survival Rate - Stage 4 Breast Cancer
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