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Breast Cancer Survival Clues


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If an abnormality is detected in a woman's breast, via physical examination or mammography, then additional imaging will be prescribed to enhance her chances of breast cancer survival. This additional testing can include a mammogram, ultrasound, or other forms of imaging. A biopsy may be the next step, depending on the results of the imaging. Biopsy is the most certain way to tell if breast cancer is present. This part of the article will go into further detail on this entire process, including new advances in imaging and biopsy.

The diagnostic and screening tools that detect and diagnose breast cancer for breast cancer survival have gotten more and more accurate ever since the early 70s, when modern mammography became widely available. Massive research and development, along with clinical refinement, have made the whole process very precise.

The decision-making algorithm for breast cancer diagnosis and detection has become very advanced. But the actual statistics displayed below tend to vary greatly from area to area as a function of the patient and population demographics.

If you discover a breast lump, by accident, whenever you do a breast examination yourself or when you have a breast examination in a doctor's office, it could cause stress for females. Since a lump could be a sign of breast cancer, every breast lump should be looked at by a doctor. But, most breast lumps, about 80% are not from cancer.

To begin, it is essential that all women over the age of 20 years old practice monthly self exams to ensure breast cancer survival. These self-exams help women to become more familiar with how their breasts feel and look, so the any changes that happen will be more easily detectable. Many women do naturally have some lumpiness, as well as an asymetry between the left and right breasts.

The key to the breast self-exam is to learn to find changes in the breast(s) that persist over time. If a new lump is found and does not disappear after the menstrual cycle, then it should be reported to a physician for clinical evaluation.

A physician or a woman may not be able to find out for sure if a lump in the breast indicates breast cancer unless mammography, ultrasound and biopsy are done. During the biopsy of the breast, the tissue from the breast is taken as a sample and examined under a microscope to see if it has cancer cells. But a few symptoms related to lumps can indicate if they can be cancer or non-cancerous.

It can be stressful to discover a lump in the breast, whether it happens by accident, during a self assessment, or during a breast exam at the doctor's office. Since a breast lump can be a sign of breast cancer, any abnormal lump should receive a thorough evaluation by a doctor. However, the majority of breast lumps, about 80% of them in fact, are actually benign and non-cancerous. Whether via physical examination or mammogram , if an abnormality is detected in a woman's breast, then additional imaging will be prescribed to enhance her chances of breast cancer survival through accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.


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Breast Cancer Survivors - A Healthy Lifestyle Prevents Breast Cancer
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