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Chocolate Models of Yumminess May Help Breast Cancer

Suzanne Early

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Eating chocolate models of dark chocolate candy, is good for you! For women all over the world, deciding the worlds finest chocolate, can be a difficult thing. But are there health benefits? Before whizzing off exchanging chocolate chip cookie recipes, let's think about the symptoms of breast cancer, and ask ourselves if these health benefits may be of use to us.

Chocolate models of yumminess can be full of antioxidants, due to the beans being from the Cacao tree. However the actual amount of antioxidants available to help us, depends on the processing having been done. We need these antioxidants to help control and neutralise damaging free radicals in our body. Some cheaper commercial brands can be found to be overly processed, therefore reducing antioxidants we can utilise.

Dark chocolate candy is the preferable type to have. It has a higher amount of antioxidants available due to the higher cocoa content. When you choose your favourite rich indulgence, aim for 70% cocoa. It can taste stronger and almost bitter to some, but you want and need less of it. Having all these anti cancer compounds and antioxidants in your body is fantastic! Not only may they help your body generally, but they may help your body resist breast cancer.

Keep an eye on the sugar and fat content of your choice. And don't think you need to finish the complete bar! With fuller flavours, often a smaller portion is enough to satisfy you. Forget family battles over the chocolate war! Take your time to enjoy your version of the worlds finest chocolate. Whatever your choice is, remember to appreciate its taste, aroma and enjoy, knowing that you may be helping your body at the same time. And what about me? Well, I intend on having a piece of dark chocolate in a moment, along with a glass of red, and will put my feet up and enjoy getting my dose of antioxidants - I will walk our dog later!

Suzanne Early
Suzie likes to share down to earth, easy to understand information on breast cancer basics, with warmth and sensitivity. Having a friend with breast cancer and a career in Adult Education, Suzie understands how important it is to share and learn about this women's issue, in the hope that other women will be encouraged and empower themselves, becoming proactive in their breast health. Early detection is key!


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Breast Cancer Symptoms in Men and Detecting breast cancer
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