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Increase Your Breast Cancer Survival!


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Femara is a Godsend for many women due to the fact that this breast cancer suppressant really works! The whole idea to using this medication is to keep your breast cancer in remission for as long as possible. Femara is a fairly new product, believe it or not, some women, and even doctors, have never heard of the drug before.

The main information you will need to know is, if your breast cancer is estrogen positive. If so, you might want to research this information further before discussing it with your oncologist. The basic requirement for using femara is that a woman must be postmenopausal before using femara.

Femara works on the fact that it keeps the excess estrogen produced by the adrenal gland from entering your body, therefore keeping your cancer in remission. The less estrogen that your body produces , the less chance of a breast cancer recurrence. Since estrogen positive breast cancer feeds on excess estrogen from your body, you will have more chances of a breast cancer recurrence due to high estrogen levels. The daily intake of femara is one tiny pill daily. Femara does come with side effects. If you're lucky, the side effects will be few.

The one side effect that most women complain of is rapid weight gain. I will teach you in another article how to combat excess weight gain when taking femara, as I too have experienced this big talked about side effect. Due to the vast improvements in modern medicine, surviving breast cancer has made the journey that much easier. Take care of yourself and never ever give up the fight!

I am a cancer advisor, guiding people on the road to viewing cancer in a whole new light. People need to know that there's life AFTER cancer. Being a 5 year cancer survivor I have learned many things. As I continue to guide folks on their continued journey, people become at ease, therefore able to uncover concealed hurt and pain hidden away like an old treasure map. There's much to learn about the release of guilt and pain, in order to begin the healing process. One must unite the spiritual and physical body back as one, before inner healing can begin. The body MUST become Renewed! Read more breast cancer articles here at


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7 Factors That Can Increase Your Breast Cancer Risk
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