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Resveratrol and Cancer Prevention


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There are numerous studies concerning resveratrol and cancer prevention.  Every time scientists discover a new antioxidant, they start conducting studies.  As time goes by, there are likely to be other scientists with conflicting data.  Why?

Scientists use different methods.  Sometimes, their studies are not sound.  It is hard to compare data from one group to the next to due  these differences.  When scientists learn how to make synthetic versions of naturally occurring nutrients, they use those for their studies.  They may be molecularly close or even identical, but there is no reason to believe that synthetics act in the same way that naturally occurring substances do.

Many of the synthetics are created using petrochemicals, which are toxic to the human body.  The opinions of the researchers, themselves, have an affect on the outcome of the studies, whether their opinions are positive or negative.  

There will always be groups that say the evidence concerning resveratrol and cancer prevention is inconclusive.  But how can we actually prove something like cancer-prevention in humans? Would we choose one group of people to get the supplement for the rest of their lives,  and one group to receive a placebo, and then wait to see how many from each group developed some form of cancer? That would be unethical.

There is simply no doubt in my mind that there are things that we can do to prevent all kinds of life-threatening diseases.  We know what causes most of them.  We know about nutrients that address those causes.  Therefore the question is,  why isn't everyone healthier?

Some people don't take supplements because they don't believe in them.  They believe that they can get all of the nutrients that they need every day through diet alone.

Those people who have heard about resveratrol and cancer prevention often choose supplements that contain the wrong form, which is trans-resveratrol.  Or they choose a supplement that does not have an enteric coating, so it never makes it to the bloodstream.  Many people choose to take single-ingredient supplements, which cannot provide the benefit of a multi-nutritional supplement.

When people do choose to take a multi-nutritional supplement, they shop for the cheapest ones.  And they contain synthetics.  For example, the form of vitamin E most commonly found in dietary supplements is totally synthetic, derived from petroleum.  The vitamin D that most companies use is not D3, which is the only form of the vitamin that the body can use.

For the health and total well-being of your body, it is critical to avoid synthetics whenever possible.

To date, all of the studies that I have read about resveratrol and cancer have been positive.  But since there is a history of the disease in my family, I take a multi-nutrient supplement that includes resveratrol, green tea and other extracts that have anti-cancer activity.  I also avoid known toxins that are present in the environment and increase the individuals risk of cancer.  For example, I only drink purified water and I mostly eat organic foods.

Besides the resveratrol and cancer benefits, it may also reduce your risk of heart disease.  But only if you choose the right supplement.

Mo Devine is a consumer advocate and a dedicated researcher who has been on a quest to find the best nutritional supplements available . After extensive research, she has found an exceptional nutritional supplement that is now the foundation of her own health program. Visit her website at to discover what she personally recommends and why.


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Resveratrol – benefits of the resveratrol supplement
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