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Are There Other Main Causes of Cancer? Yes - 2,100 Chemicals in America's Drinking Water


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If we ask the question. . . Are there any main causes of cancer, we think that food or exposure to industrial waste is the culprit. But Americans must understand that the condition of their drinking water has deteriorated in the past decade. Recent findings reveal that there are more than two thousand toxic chemicals in the tap that are now the main causes of cancer.

While we enjoy the convenience of progress, humans have developed 80,000 various kinds of synthetic chemicals for home and industrial purposes. Most of it are dumped into soil, sewage, lakes, rivers and landfills and this has come to a tremendous consequence extreme cases of degenerative disease have sprouted everywhere.

Before pesticides and herbicides were invented, Americans had a 1 in 50 chance of having cancer. Today, 1 in 3 citizens in the U. S. will get cancer in their lifetime, including 1 in every 2 males.

All the water on this planet is re-used over and over by the hydrologic cycle of nature. Therefore, there is no new water. As more chemicals are used, so does the toxicity of drinking water. So we are left with the same kind of water that gets worse every year.

Most of the contaminants that can be found in our water supply is the result of improper use of solvents, lawn chemicals, gasoline, cleaning products, oil and compounds which we dump into our sewage system. In return, nature brings it back to us as rain and the water seeps in to our underground water sources.

Water treatment facilities in cities cannot totally eradicate the toxins since they consist only of sand bed filtration system. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, -Drinking water plants are old and out of date, and water supplies are increasingly threatened and contaminated by chemicals and microorganisms.

Carol Browner, chief of the U. S. EPA says that, -the way we guarantee safe drinking water is broken and needs to be fixed.

In the past many diseases cannot be linked to any probable cause. Today it can now be linked to toxins in our water supply and they are the main causes of cancer.

The U. S. Council On Environmental Quality states, -While levels of these carcinogens (SOCs) in drinking water are low, it is precisely these low levels that carcinogen specialists believe to be responsible for the majority of human cancers in the U. S.

In 1998, tap water tests were conducted in 29 cities and they discovered two or more pesticides in the drinking water. The Environmental Working Group report stated that, -millions of Americans are routinely exposed to one or more pesticides in a single glass of tap water. - In Indiana, 9 pesticides were found in a glass to drinking water.

Children are prone to many illnesses when exposed to highly toxic chemicals because their bodies are less developed and cannot detoxify the harmful compounds. The tap water test also revealed that 45,000 infants had drank baby formula mixed with tap water containing weed killers and 9 other chemicals in every bottle.

In one of the reports of the Science Advisory to the EPA, it stated, -when two or more of these contaminants combine in our water, the potency may be increased by as much as 1000 times!

So, are there other main causes of cancer? Now you know the answer. What are you going to do about it to protect your family? John Askelon has launched a campaign to inform everyone about the growing threat to every family in America. He suggests installing a home filtration system for your home. It is your first and only defense against cancer in your water. Visit his website below.

John Askelon has studied issues against environmental pollution and its effects on everyone's health. He has researched extensively on the deteriorating quality of America's drinking water. He suggests ways on how to protect people from thousands of contaminants that seep into the water system in their homes. Visit his website -

are there other main causes of cancer

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