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The Best Cancer Prevention Strategies


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Let's talk a little bit about cancer.   Not about how devastating a disease it is.   Not about different treatment options.   Let's talk about some of the best strategies for avoiding cancer altogether.

There are those in the natural or alternative world that will tell you that cancer is not really a disease at all.   They'll tell you that it is a symptom.   A symptom of some imbalance going on inside your body.   If everything is balanced, cancer will not be able to exist.

But what is cancer a symptom of?  In other words, what conditions inside your body do cancer cells like to live in?  First, let's start with your immune system.   If your immune system is strong and working well, most cancers simply won't be able to take hold.   Second, there's your ph balance.   An overly acidic ph level is a good breeding ground for cancer, and a highly alkaline body is one where cancer will not survive.   Next, there's oxygen.   Cancer cells have lots of trouble surviving in a well oxygenated environment.   Then, there's oxidative stress.   Free radicals, you've probably heard of them.   Diets rich in anti-oxidants will scavenge free radicals and reduce your cancer risks, too.

In short, if your immune system is working to full capacity, your body is in an alkaline state, your blood is full of oxygen and you keep free radicals at bay, you shouldn't get cancer.   There are obviously other factors involved, but these four principles are a great foundation for cancer prevention.

Some quick tips to help accomplish these four goals are:

  • drink about half your body weight in ounces of clean water daily
  • eat a diet rich in colorful raw fruits and vegetables
  • start adding green superfoods such as chlorella & spirulina to your diet
  • exercise to some degree on a daily basis
  • obviously don't smoke
  • obviously limit your alcohol intake
  • limit your sugar intake including grains & starches
  • try to get at least 15 of unprotected sunlight each day
  • supplement with quality vitamin D if you live in a cold weather climate

If you start implementing some or all of these tips you're well on your way to keeping cancer out of your life forever!

If you or someone you care about is already past the point of prevention. . . or if you'd just like some resources to help others. . . there are over 350 natural, non-toxic cancer treatments that have been proven to work and you can find them here:


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