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Cancer Research - How is Cancer Being Researched?


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Getting cancer is one of the scariest things a person can have and it doesn't only affect the person diagnosed but also the people around that person as well. Cancer is an incredibly deadly disease with several different types. It's hard to find someone in the current world today who hasn't known someone who has or has had cancer. Because of this, millions of dollars are spent each year on cancer research to learn more about this deadly disease and to identify new effective treatments and cures for it.

The basis of such research is to identify the types of cancer, diagnose cancer in patients, and to find ways to prevent, treat and cure the disease. There are various ways that cancer is researched. These ways include epidemiology and molecular bioscience, which is then used in clinical trials to compare and evaluate the different treatments.

The different types of treatments that are being researched are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, gene therapy, finding vaccines, targeted therapy and ways to boost the immune system. Anti-cancer vaccination research is done deals with exposing extracted tumors cells to UV light for a 24-hour period and then injecting them back into the organism. This approach has already been successful on rats.

However, researches of this deadly disease has had its share of issues and is still battling some of them. The main issue it faces is funding. Most of the funding comes from donations, so people and different organizations have to go out and get funding from the public. Stem cell research has also stirred up a lot of controversy pretty much halting any current testing in this field. Another controversial topic with cancer research is the clinical trials and the use of animals and human beings.

As stated earlier, funding is one of the most important parts of keeping such researches alive. There are many organizations out there that are doing their part to raise money for research. Some of these organizations include; The American Cancer Society, Institute of Cancer Research, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, United Devices Cancer Research Project, Friends of Cancer Research and the Walker Cancer Research Institute. This is just a short list of some of the organizations, but rest assured that there are a lot more out there.

It is important to keep the cancer research alive as cancer is definitely showing no signs of going away or even slowing down. Find our more about cancer research at


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