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Killing the Killer Cancer


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The number of people who die from cancer each year is more than the addition of HIV/AIDS malaria and tuberculosis combined together. The human body inhibits various forms of grwoth. The benign forms do not have the ability to spread to distant organs is not referred to as cancer. A typical example is the fibroid or uterine fibroma. However the growth of cells that have acquired the property of multiplying and spreading by various means of blood vessels or lymphatic channels to other organs like the lungs or bones are named as malignant cancers. The other human induced causes of cancer include smoking which is associated with lung cancer, Radiation to sarcomas and leukemia and other various viruses. Cancer often implicates a genetic element in the body during its development.

The Oxford Medical dictionary says that in half of all the cancerous developments a gene named as P53 is deleted or impaired which prevents the uncontrolled division of cells in the body, thus disabling the bodies fight against spread of cancer. The p54 is a gene which in the event of mutilation would form a gene called ontogeny which is capable of both initiation and continuation of malignant transformation of normal cells. It probably produces proteins which are growth factors regulating cell division that, under certain conditions become uncontrolled and may transform a normal cell to a malignant cell. Recent trials of gene therapy that involved replacing the ontogeny with the normal version of the gene have had limited success.

A cancer treatment often depends on the type of the tumor, the location of primary tumor and the extent of its spread. Some experts cite the early detection of the disease is the only cure for this disease. Here the cure defiles itself as the state of inability of the abnormal cells to grow and spread in the body. Those remains in the body in a state of suspended animation until death. There have been occasions where an absolute cure can be achieved by the removal of the cancer from the body by surgery. Here the grade of the malignancy can be determined due to the act of defining the stage, type or degree of cellular division. If the cancer is in early stages then it is hoped that almost all of it has been cut or excised and adequate radio therapy to the area where the tumor is can further assure the patient of satisfactory results of the surgery.

Specialized drugs though toxic to the cells provide useful adjuvant chemotherapy to the patients. Due to the toxic nature their selection has to be careful so that the patient can avail of their full treatment to get cured. Since inappropriate dosages can end up being toxic to ‘good cells’ of the blood and the gastro-intestinal tract. Specialized counters have been made for the the supply and distribution of these drugs, not a ordinary pharmaceutical medicine you find at any medical store.

The best ways of curing cancer include early detection of it through surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. They have been bringing a hope to all patients suffering from cancer. Cancer management is a tedious tasks often a multidisciplinary approach involving surgeons, physicians, medical and radiological oncologists, pathologists, nursing care as well as palliative doctors. Management of cancer from the earliest time of discovery must be regarded as a palliative procedure even if a cure is envisioned. Continuous counseling and maintenance of life style, including adequate dieting, is extremely important in the patients’ continued well being. Support and motivation are always a vital part of any treatment. All these with a small magical thing called as hope can often help fight the worst cases of cancer on this planet. Take Lance Armstrong as an example. How did he do it?

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