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Cancer Treatment With Vitamins


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Whenever a new study about cancer is being conducted, people are constantly asking, “Is the total cure for cancer discovered yet?" Cancer is the most severe disease that could hit a person. There are many types of cancers and most of them are terminal. This means that the patient who is suffering from it would eventually succumb to the disease. Cancer occurs when the different cells of the body are invaded and killed by the harmful type of cells called the cancer cells. Right now, studies and research are being directed regarding the use of Vitamin C to cure a person of cancer. It was believed that large amounts of Vitamin C in the body could kill cancer cells. Doctors are currently validating the facts behind this theory.

Vitamin C could either be taken orally or administered through IV. In the different studies conducted in the different parts of the world, it was found out that the people who take Vitamin C as a daily supplement perform lot better than those who didn't take the vitamin at all.

Vitamins do a lot of good to the body. And it is not recommended for cancer patients alone but to all people in general. The nutrients and the health benefits of vitamins are so enormous that they should never be excluded from a person's daily diet.

Vitamin C is not the only vitamin that can help cure a cancer patient. Almost all types of vitamins play an important role. Vitamins A, D, E, and K could definitely help you fight off the complications of cancer and eventually make you feel a lot better than before. The B complex vitamins accounts for a big part as well.

Treat Cancer with vitamin C

A glass of orange juice a day could do cancer-stricken body wonders. Vitamins C can actually shield healthy cells from getting mutated like the other cells in the body. Vitamin C can be a potent guard against cancer. If you have cancer, make sure that your daily meals include different fruits rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin E can help Cancer

Vitamin E is for the body's added protection. Just like Vitamin C, Vitamin E works in protecting cells. It protects the cells from sustaining the damages it could have acquired from some chemical imbalance inside the body. It was even discovered that prolonged intake of Vitamin C makes stronger cells that are more resistant to mutation.

Vitamin A for Cancer

Fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A can slowly help cancer patient walk towards the road to recovery.

Beta-carotene, the food form of Vitamin A, helps keep cells healthy and stop them from developing cancer.

The actual role of beta-carotene in cancer prevention is still in the evaluating stages. However, you can always take them now to strengthen your position against the disease.

Cancer patients should make it a point to add the required amount of vitamins in their daily diet. They should see to it that they meet and exceed the recommended daily allowances for each nutrient. This is to ensure that the cancer cells are not winning in the battle inside the body and that newer cells are produced to replenish the ones destroyed by the cancer cells.

Cancer is a very serious disease. As such, patients should regular see their doctors to ensure that their health is monitored all the time. Vitamins, no matter how essential they are, are good supplements for the actual medications given by the doctor. They should not, in any way, replace them.

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