Has The Cure For Cancer Been Here All Along?


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Cancer treatment and medication is a multi-billion dollar industry-so why would hospitals and pharmaceutical companies want a cure?

Have you ever heard of a doctor giving someone with stage 4 or 5 cancer a 90-100% chance of success at beating the disease? I didn't think so. Well, there is a way you can beat these dismal odds. If you, a friend, family member, or even an acquaintance has cancer, wouldn't you like to know the cure?

If you want to know how to beat cancer, you may need look no further than cancercuresecrets.com. They provide information that has been put under wraps for years. Did you know there is a doctor in Mexico who has a 98% success rate with curing bone cancer? Did you know clinics exist that can offer a 90-100% success rate with curing 4 and 5 stage cancers? Did you know there is a new form of super supplement that helps people quietly cure themselves of cancer? Most of us didn't know that there exists a cancer treatment so effective, it kills cancer cells 100% of the time, anywhere in the body, with no toxic side- effects! Unfortunately, most cancer patients don't know about this treatment. . . and they continue to suffer through hours of debilitating chemotherapy.

For decades, pharmaceutical companies have developed new drugs to help treat the symptoms of diseases such as cancer and AIDS. What about the cause? Why haven't their efforts been aimed at prevention, the cure before the disease? The answer is simple. If you have cancer, the average cost of treatment is $250,000-$750,000. If people didn't get cancer and other serious diseases, these companies would lose huge amounts of money. Their main interest, right or wrong, is staying in business.

Many people scoff at these disturbing ideas. They want to believe that they are in control of their own lives. But if you believe there aren't immoral and unethical people out there just sitting around thinking of ways to make money at the expense of others, you are wrong. We live in a world where people cannibalize their neighbors and blow up buildings full of people, so is it that hard to believe that there are people willing to let you stay sick so they can make billions of dollars?

The answers you need may have been suppressed, but they are out there.

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Jane Jarvis

Visit http://www.cancercuresecrets.com and find out how you can save your own life and the lives of others; jljarvis@libero.it


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How Does Chemotherapy Help Cure Cancer?
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