How to Avoid Weight Gain During Chemotherapy


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For Patsy M. , the cancer was bad enough.

Then came the chemo and her energy level took a dramatic tumble while her once trim figure ballooned.

She tried watching what she ate. Cut down on portions. Nothing helped. The weight kept climbing.

When she asked her doctor she was told to exercise. It was the best answer to chemo weight-gain.

This wasn’t what she wanted to hear. She didn’t feel like exercising. Some days it was all she could do to move from bed to couch.

Then a friend told her about a neighbor who was going through chemo as if it was a Sunday school picnic. She continued shopping, visiting friends AND EXERCISING. Claimed it had to do with taking some simple sugars called glyconutritionals.

"Sounds like one of those whiz-bang miracle things, if you ask me, " Patsy replied. “You see them advertised all the time and most of them don’t have a stitch of healing in them. "

Her friend nodded, “I agree, except glyconutritional is a scientific name not a brand name. And my neighbor claims there is a ton of medical research behind them. Not to mention a few Nobel Peace Awards in Medicine and a thousand or more medical journal reports?"

"If that’s true, how come my doctor never told me about these simple sugars?"

"Because he might not have heard about them. Doctors have a hard enough time keeping up with developments in their own field without getting into food and food supplements. Although my neighbor did say that many doctors have begun incorporating the simple sugars into their practice. "

"So what’s it supposed to do for me?"

"Help create more energy so you’ll feel more like doing what your doctor told you to do. . . exercise. "

Patsy still looked doubtful. “Why can’t I just eat an energy bar?"

"Wrong kind of sugars. They will do you more harm than good. According to my neighbor, these eight simple sugars go directly to your body cells. It has something to do with building and strengthening your cell’s communication system. This in turn enables your cells to order in whatever they need to make repairs and stay healthy. "

Patsy still wasn’t convinced. “And that’s supposed to give me more energy?"

"Well, actually the simple sugars do a whole lot more than help create energy. But wouldn’t that alone be a blessing? You might feel good enough to start exercising and working off some of that bulge peeking over the top of your jeans. "

Patsy glared at her friend. “Well, thank you very much. I can always count on you to make me feel good about myself. So where do I get these simple sugars?"

"I don’t really remember. As I recall, my neighbor said there was only one company making a true and all-natural blend of the simple sugars. But I don’t remember the name. I think it started with an ‘M’. "

"That’s real helpful. Maybe you ought to worry less about the bulge around my middle and find yourself some brain food. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m worn out with all this energy and exercise talk. I think I’ll go lie down. "

More information about simple sugars and how they can help reduce chemo side-effects, can be found at


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