Aspartame and the Increased Risks of Lymphoma Cancer


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According to the findings of a recent study conducted by the Cancer Research Center of the European Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences in Bologna, Italy, the frequent use of aspartame considerably increases the risks of developing lymphoma cancers and leukemia. Although the long-term study was conducted exclusively on female rats, without involving the active participation of any human subjects, the results are still very conclusive: aspartame is a clear carcinogenic agent that has a major contribution in the occurrence and evolution of lymphoma. A very popular chemical sweetener used as a replacement for sugar-based sweeteners, aspartame is no longer considered to be harmless.

The Italian research team that has conducted the study on the effects of aspartame on long-term use has stated that this chemical sweetener should be completely withdrawn from the market, as it greatly increases the risks of cancerous diseases. In present, aspartame is extensively used worldwide, being a common chemical component of chewing gum, sweet beverages and a wide range of other products.

Another series of studies have confirmed the strong carcinogenic potential of aspartame, revealing the fact that the chemical actually damages DNA, increasing the risks of cancer and degenerative brain diseases on long-term use. According to the findings, this commonly used product facilitates the development of tumors at various levels of the body, being a serious risk factor for brain cancers. The theories on the pronounced carcinogenic potential of aspartame have been recently supported by statistic reports: the incidence of brain tumors among animals exposed to prolonged doses of aspartame has increased over 47 times. The strong carcinogenic character of aspartame is due to the variety of toxins it contains. Medical scientists have stated that aspartame was also known to be a very unsafe chemical in the past; despite this fact, aspartame has been further promoted as harmless for commercial reasons.

The continuously increasing incidence of brain cancers among the global population is also considered to be related with the frequent use of aspartame-based products. Oncologists have stated that nowadays the incidence of brain tumors is considerably higher than it was a few decades ago, before aspartame products became available on the market. Furthermore, the increased frequency of various rare lymphoma subtypes such as reticulum cell sarcoma, microglioma and histiocytic lymphoma in the last few years has also been influenced by the use of aspartame.

Although exposure to aspartame can be considered a serious risk factor of lymphoma and other similar malignant diseases, the exact way aspartame triggers the occurrence of such disorders is still unknown. It is believed that aspartame directly interferes in the genetic structure of the body, causing genetic anomalies that later lead to production of cancerous cells. However, further studies are needed in order to provide cancer specialists with additional data on aspartame and its malignant effects on the human body.

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