7 Stages of Cancer Development


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You must have heard of this statistic that out of every 3 of us, one of us will get cancer. But do you know that back in 1901, only 1 in 8,000 got cancer? Our body actually tries in so many ways to give us all the warnings and symptoms to tell us that something is not right and we need to do something about it!

Let us see from the Holistic Health Science point of view how cancer develops in 7 stages.

First stage, Enervation.
It is not recognized as a disease yet. Most people will just feel tired, exhausted and worn-out at this stage. The best way to recover from enervation is to get enough sleep as sleep is the greatest energy charger! Inadequate sleep and rest are the main causes of enervation.

Second stage, Toxemia or intoxication.
Toxemia is a state where toxins saturate our body. This happens when we fail to observe our capacities and ignore the symptoms of enervation. We continue to overwork, sleep late and are under great stress.

Third stage, Irritation is when we feel itchy and uncomfortable, or when we have irritating but not painful areas.
Irritation results from toxic substances being sensed by our nervous system. Our body is giving us signal to move away from this condition.

Fourth stage, Inflammation.
It’s only at this stage that doctors recognize it as disease as it involves pain. Maybe you’ve experienced this before: you completely lost your appetite; and you don't feel hungry at all even you’ve not been eating for the whole day, all you want to do is just to sleep and rest! Sounds familiar? The area becomes inflamed due to the continuous irritation of toxic substances. Appendicitis (appendix), tonsillitis (tonsils), hepatitis (liver) and nephritis (kidney) are all inflammation but in different areas.

Fifth stage, Ulceration.
Our body use ulcer as a way to drain toxic built-up, it will heal if causes are stopped. Cells and tissue structures are being damaged due to our body’s inability to live in increasing toxin.

Sixth stage, Induration, or often called tumor formation.
Induration is the process where our tissue hardened so that ulcer and toxic materials can be kept inside and sealed off by the hardening of the tissue around them. This is a way of quarantining the toxins. This shows how our body tries so hard to protect us even at this stage! However, if we continue with our destructive lifestyles and diet patterns, our body will eventually dissolve the hard tissue when the toxin level is so high and it can no loner take it! This means the toxins will leak and circulate to other parts of the body, and that leads to cancer. . .

Final stage, Cancer.
Our cells have become parasitic at this stage. Cancer is usually fatal, it can ONLY be reversible with the condition of us stopping the causes and indulge in healthful practices, as healthful practices are the universal panacea!

Siew Yin Gark's philosophy has always been that there are no quick fixes to staying healthy. She believes that we can attain health only through proper diet, exercise, sleep and rest and the results will be long term. You can get her latest tips and sharing on health for FREE at her blog: http://www.greathealthandus.com


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Stages of Ovarian Cancer
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