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Diet Basics for Breast Cancer Patients

J.J. Yong

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Feeling frustrated about your daily diet after you've been diagnosed with breast cancer?

Do you need to change your daily diet?

These are the common questions whether you want to stay healthy as breast cancer patients need more time and effort to be curbed. We still need food to survive but once we're eating the ‘wrong’ food in daily basis - it could worsen your body condition. It's important to educate yourself with the right information about proper food consumption to comfort our body well-beingness. It's a step closer to increase the probablilty of health-recovering - all this matters as long you're willing to make a change!

Basically, vegetables like garlic, broccoli and crucifiers are the main diets for cancer patients.

Garlic - though it has a strong pungent smell that makes people avoid eating it. But consuming garlic in a moderate amount will assist us to battle cancer. Some people prefer have it oudourless as in the form of tablets (supplements) but I strongly suggest that breast cancer patients eat raw garlics. Particullarly, in a chinese restaurant, garlics used as a complementary ingredients especially in stir-fried foods.

Broccoli - Everyone has an eclectic tasted in broccoli - but it has to be raw! If you do not like raw broccoli, you can try to simmer it in boiled water for few minutes. Broccoli is best when it is served with mayonaise or tar-tar sauce.

Crucifiers - such as salads and coleslaws. These are considered as low fat diet and it contains anti-carcinogenic glucosinolates and myrosinase enzymes. It has the ability to boost our ability to detoxify or cleanse harmful compounds and eventually protect us from cancer.

Tomatoes - it contain lycopene which is an antioxidant and it is easily absorbed by the body to inhibit tumour-producing cells once tomatoes are made into juice, paste and sauce. It is also believed that tomatoes are able to prevent us from stroke and heart diseases.

Other than these cancer-fighting vegetables, flax seeds that contain antioxidant compund such as lignan which supplies fibre. It has the great potential to fight cancer especially in the role of prevention of breast cancer. Mostly foods that contain flax seed are bread, cereal and bakery goods. The purpose of including flax seeds in your daily diet is to avoid constipation. A normal and regular excreation will actually detoxify harmful compounds including waste materials from our body.

As we know that having balanced and suitable diet alone is couldn't guarantee breast cancer patients to have full recovery. It must be complementary with healthy lifestyle - avoid smoking and consuming alcohols. Good practice of loving your body and soul boost positive thinking among breast cancer individuals to be more optimistic.

J. J. Yong

Your trustable source and guide to breast cancer


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Digital Mammography Images increases the survival rate of breast cancer patients
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