Yoga for Prevention of Breast Cancer


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Regrettably, breast cancer is all too common, and contemporary medical treatments are well entrenched. Most cancer patients choose to accept the application of these techniques and there is comparatively low demand for alternative therapies. However there is growing interest in alternative methods of cancer prevention; and there is also a great deal of success being enjoyed by such treatments.

Some of the activities or techniques that are becoming increasingly relied upon, and which are essential elements of the practice of Yoga, include:

-Attention to nutrition
-The avoidance of ingestion of chemical and other environmental pollutants
-The need for regular exercise
-Adequate breathing and oxygenation of the blood
-Freedom from psychological stress, and
-The need for a vital positive interest in life

With respect to breast cancer in particular however, there are another two very important factors deserving of strict attention if women are to maximize their chances of avoiding the disease. They are:

Adequate Exercise of the Arms

Circling the arms from the shoulder, shrugging the shoulders and other exercises that specifically stimulate the muscles and circulation around the lymphatic glands under the arms. These Yoga exercises should be considered a daily discipline and take only a few minutes.

Avoidance of Suppressant Deodorants

Today, deodorants are considered an integral aspect of body hygiene, but unfortunately many of those in the contemporary market-place contain chemical perspiration suppressants. Such deodorants pose a threat, especially to women, in that the toxins that are naturally evacuated in perspiration may well settle in the nearest parts of the body, particularly where circulation is poor, viz. the breasts

Of course there are deodorants on the market that don’t contain the chemical suppressants of the more popular brands but it is really necessary, for women in particular, to check the product labels to be assured this is the case.

Be particularly careful to scrutinize those products that guarantee full protection from perspiration as these will usually contain the offending chemicals. .

Remember that underarm perspiration is Nature’s way of exuding toxins from the upper body and when the process is suppressed it is pretty obvious that there is going to be an adverse reaction.

Sally Janssen is one of the best known Yoga teachers in Australia, and is a former President of the International Yoga Teachers Association. In 1964 she founded the Triad Yoga School in Sydney, Australia, and remained its Principal until 1978. During that time it was the most eminent Yoga school in Australia. Sally now runs an informational website that deals with the very spirit of traditional Yoga.


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Breast Cancer Prevention - How to Get Ready For Your Mammogram
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