Breast Cancer - What You Should Know


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What is it? Abnormal cell growth in an uncontrolled way is called as cancer. Your breasts are made up of glands which consist of cells. These glands produce breast milk after pregnancy. The cells that make the glands sometimes may become uncontrolled and grow in an inorderly manner and cause a lump.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in females. WHO (World Health Organization) estimated that breast cancer is the main cause of cancer death among women. Some breast cancers may occur in males but it is very rare. When you find a small lump in your breast, be aware, it may be breast cancer.

All lumps that you find may not be an indicator of breast cancer. But find it out, it may be also. In general lumps in your breast do not mean cancer in most of the cases. But make it sure through checking by a medical professional. There are two types of lumps or tumours, one is benign and the other is malignant. Benign tumours do not spread but the malignant do. They are the breast cancer causing tumours.

Breast cancer starts with a limp and then spread to other parts of your body. It may grow quickly or slowly. Early diagnosis is important for survival. There are different types of breast cancers present. They are – Ductal carcinoma. The spread of this type among women is 65 to 90 %Lobular carcinoma 10 %Metaplastic carcinomaInflammatory breast cancerPapillary carcinoma 1%Medullary carcinoma 5 %Colloid carcinoma 2%

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The breast cancer Symptoms and Immune therapy for breast cancer
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