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No matter what type of cancer is involved after receiving a prognosis from your doctor, the fact is - cancer is cancer, a disease feared by millions of people. Regardless of modern medicine - fear will still prevail for those who have been diagnosed. However, times have changed in the way cancer is treated. With today`s modern technology and new found surgical developments etc, different cancers are successfully stabilized or even cured. .

One of the most important issues in helping you your self and and medical staff to remedy the disease is, to catch whatever type of cancer it is - in its early stage. Chances of survival increase and better the odds in favour of the patient - due to early detection. Some women who have been diagnosed as to having breast cancer - somehow manage and find a way to cope. However: to be on the receiving end of a prognosis as such - can have a devastating affect on a woman, who unlike the minute few, may find it difficult to accept. Different types of cancers are curable.

For appropriate treatment to be carried out or medication administered, then determining what type of breast cancer is present in the patient is very important. Diagnosing breast cancer and its type will begin in the doctors’ surgery, where your physician will send a tissue sample away (biopsy) to the lab for analysis. The result of the test will determine if you have breast cancer and what type. Self examination of the breasts should be a top priority listing in any female diary. Few women are aware - that most common types of breast cancer start off in - either of the breast's milk ducts (ductal carcinoma) or lobules (lobular carcinoma). The point of origin is resolved by the microscopic appearance of the cancer cells from a biopsy.

Medical pronunciation of different words relating to disease or illnesses can be hard at times to understand - so if you are in doubt at any time, then make sure to ask your doctor to explain. The better understanding you have on your medical condition - the easier it is for you to relate to what is going on around you.

One type of breast cancer is Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) which in medical terms is more notably known as a type of cancer which is where the earliest possible clinical diagnosis of breast cancer can be cited. Women who have contracted this type of cancer will have been diagnosed following a breast screening session (mammography) If ductal carcinoma in situ is left untreated, then figures show that about 30 percent of affected women can develop invasive breast cancer, this on average nearly always occurs ten years from the first initial diagnosis.

DCIS is recognized in the medical world as to being a pre-cancerous or early-stage growth of abnormal cells in the ducts of the breast. In the past, ductal carcinoma in situ was uncommon - so therefore not much thought was given to defining its optimal treatment. DCIS is curable and can be cured. Cancer is without doubt a life threatening condition (depending what type) but if the disease is caught early and treatment is given or surgery performed to prevent the cancer from spreading - then the threat of losing your life is put on hold. It is important to catch the disease as early as possible. If you notice any unusual sightings in or around the breast, like a lump or a change in shape or size following a self breast examination, then consult your doctor.

Do not worry at this stage because you may cause your self more upset over nothing. Ask your doctor for more information on mammography screening

Breast cancer is a disease that many women fall victim too because of stories they hear of fate and gloom. Because of this - some women choose to ignore all the warning signs, hence giving the cancer time to spread. Well believe it or not thousands of women live to tell the tale on how they beat their battle with cancer. Stories can and do have happy endings.

Breast Cancer
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Breast Cancer Survival Rate - Stage 4 Breast Cancer
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