Regular Vegetables Discovered to Work against Colon Cancer


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A small study revealed that quercentin and curcumin wich are extracted from onions and curry could have a big impact on colon cancer, reducing it significantly.

Five persons were chosen for this study that appeared in August. All five of them had a hereditary disorder called familial adenomatous polyposis that is the cause for the appearing of colon cancer by creating hundreds of colorectal polyps. Ussualy this is treated by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The problem with these drugs are their side really bad side effects like internal ulcers and bleeding.

During the six months the study lasted, each of patients received daily 20 mg of quercetin (extracted from onions) and 480 mg of curcumin (extracted from curry). After this period it was found that the colorectal cancer cells dropped significantly. The number of polyps decreased by 60 percent while the average size of polyps by 51 percent. At one patient the number of polyps increased in the first phase because he didn't listen to the rules set by his doctors but, but after he started listening to the advices the number of polyps decreased immediately.

For the first time it was shown that curcumin has a similar effect as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in reducing the amount of polyps. Although the effect is similar curcumin is way better because it has minimal side effects.

By simply adding onions to a regular diet a pacient would ingest the quantity of quercetin needed to control the numbers and size of polyps, but the amount of curcumin you could ingest eating cury wouldn't be enough. That's why researchers advise using curcuming supplements for an effective cancer treatment.

Although the results where pretty convincing a larger study is required before curcumin and quercetin supplements could be introduced in regular cancer treating.

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Regular colon examination to ensure good health
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