Screaming In Silent Pain - At Work!

Linda Meckler

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What happens when you are applying for a new job and you are already in pain? What do you do? What are your options?

When I am interviewing for new employment my eyes and ears are on full alert. I want to see and feel the environment I would be working in if hired. I can pick up vibes when the office is not running smoothly and the employees are stressed out.

Next, I look at the office itself. What workstation will I be working at. Since I work at a computer and sit down 95% of the day, I want to see if I will be working at a comfortable workstation or - will the workstation cause me Pain?

I can spot this immediately. Ergonomics is a great word to use when you say to your perspective employer. “I need an ergonomic workspace. " Each individual is different and most people don't speak up about having an ergonomical workspace on an interview.


It is your job to keep your employees happy and pain free. This makes for a happier and more productive work environment.

Your Workmen's Compensation Insurance premiums will not sky rocket with claims that could easily have been prevented.

Nobody, likes to work in pain when it is so unnecessary.



When working with a telephone use a headset. They aren't expensive and the positive results are enormous.

It relieves Pain in your neck and shoulders. Both your hands are free to use the computer and write. Much more productive.


Lower your keyboard and put a pad under it. It cushions your hands and the results are remarkable. If you don't have a pad use a folded towel.

I think, the best keyboard to use is the split keyboard or the ergonomic keyboard. Yes, they take a little getting used to but once you get past the newness of the key placement, you will not be able to type on the standard keyboard again.

This keyboard is especially effective for people with hand problems or for people who do not want to get hand problems.

Remember, blood does not flow uphill.

(3) CHAIR:

Make sure your chair can be adjusted and supports your lower back. Place your feet firmly on the ground or on a foot rest. Your back will be happy!


Your monitor is important for two reasons:

(1) It needs to be the correct height for you. Your neck needs to be comfortable. No pulling or pain.

(2) Eyesight. People who wear glasses and especially bifocals need to have the correct monitor adjustment to see the screen.


Your desk is where your write and work. Your arms and hands rest on this most of the time. Be sure it is not to high or to low. When reaching in front, or above stand up instead of remaining seated.

Standing up when reaching takes the stress off your entire body and keeps your posture intact.

You do not need to work in an office to suffer from pain. You can drive a truck, work in construction or many other positions. The bottom line is you are working in pain. Do your paperwork by protecting yourself and your family.




It is your duty to report an injury. If your workstation is uncomfortable and needs to be adjusted report this to your supervisor. Get a doctor's prescription if needed.


Yes, I know it is scary to report this for fear of losing your job. -But if you do not report it your body takes on more and more abuse. Your pain level is higher everyday -Something has to give. -

When all is said and done -Nobody Cares-. Only you and your family care because you are the family provider. When you are unemployed and need to get another job the perspective employer will not want to hire you. You are now considered injured property.


When you are injured on the job. Report your injury before it is to late. Make sure you do your paperwork for a work comp claim. -You have to protect yourself and your family-.


When you are employed from a Temporary Employment Agency, you usually take any available workstation available. If it is uncomfortable the questions is:

(1) I would like it changed to prevent pain.

(2) Do I keep my mouth shut and work daily in pain.

With a Temporary Employee, I am afraid in most cases it is the latter. Most employees keep their mouths shut and say to themselves, I will not rock the boat. I do not want to lose this job and I will tolerate Pain.

Having been in this situation myself several times, I do not know what to tell you to do. I only have this one suggestion:

When you are in pain the pain does not go away. It only gets worse.

I believe, the employer and employee can work together to create a happier, productive, pain free environment.

Let me hear from you about your horror stories in the working world or about any of my other articles.

Copyright 2005 Linda Meckler

Linda has worked as a full time employee and as a temporary employee throughout the years. Now she loves writing. Her first published book is “Ghost Kids Trilogy. " This is three complete books in one book. Love, Family Values and Charity burst off the pages. Book (1) Ghost Kids: Two real kids and two Ghost Kids team up to reunite the Ghost Kids with their parents. Book (2) Blue Vase Mystery: Uncle Charlie the villain of the book wants out of the magical blue vase. In return he will tell the real children where the Pirates’ Treasure is. Book(3) Pirates’ Treasure-the hunt: Go on the Treasure hunt with the family. Order my book at or An order of 5 books=40%. Order of 20 books no postage and handling. email my web site


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