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Implement Work/Love Policies

If you do find yourself working with your man it is important to very quickly implement some policies that will minimise any of the negatives of working together and maximise the benefits. It is a great idea to draw up a little contract stating each of the agreed policies. Once you have drawn up the contract get both yourself and your partner to sign the contract in front of a witness. This may sound funny but believe me it could save your relationship.

Policy 1. Not to Discuss Work Issues Outside of the Office

It is very important that you implement a policy of not discussing work issues outside of the office. The reason for this is that it is very important to make a clearly separate the office from your home life. This will give you plenty of time to talk with your man about lots of other things and to enjoy your time together.

Policy 2. Agree to Disagree

Implement the policy that you are both allowed to disagree on any work related issues and that these disagreements will stay at work. By implementing this policy you are reinforcing to each other that your love for one another and compatibility is completely separate from work. It will also protect your colleagues from the two of you forming unfair alliances that are forged out of love rather than common sense.

Policy 3. Never Discuss Personal Details of Your Romance or your Partners Private Life with Work Colleagues

It is crucial that you implement the policy of never discussing the personal details of your relationship, your partner’s personal life or your love life with work colleagues. This policy needs to be implemented for the same reason as policy 1. That is, your work life and personal life need to remain separate. At work you treat your partner as you would all colleague and at home you treat your partner as you did before you started working together. This policy is also important because by discussing each other personal lives you both risk causing conflict by saying something that is embarrassing to the other party.

By Lisa O'Brien

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How To Romance A Man - 3 Best Ways To Romance A Man
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