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Robin Henry

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Among the many problems email brings with it is the main one . . . email is time-consuming. So time-consuming in fact that you are left with fewer hours in your day in which to make a profit or spend with your loved ones.

You can literally consume three or five hours per day reading and replying to email. The question you need to ask yourself is, ‘Could I do something better with that time?’ If the answer is ‘yes', consider some of these options:

  1. Identify spam BEFORE it hits your inbox and delete it. This can be done by using a free software program that downloads file headers before downloading the whole file . . . you delete the unwanted files from the email server before downloading email to your inbox.

  2. Set up a system of folders in which to store your email. Folders, like any filing system enable you to prioritize by importance, sender, topic and so on. This can lead to a great time saving.

  3. Set up Rules that will manage your incoming email by storing it in relevant folders, replying automatically, or doing some other time-saving activity. Rules Wizards provided in most email software programs will carry out various activities on receipt of email. That includes sending an automatic reply.

  4. Use different email addresses with Rules in order to carry out different functions eg, subscribe to a newsletter or obtain a copy of a product catalogue. This is also another time saver.

  5. Outsource part or all of your email system to a specialist Applications Service Provider. This could be simply outsourcing your newsletter to a professional writer and email distribution channel or doing the work yourself using someone else's email system

  6. Upgrade your free or bundled email software client to a specialist professional program that has much more grunt and will do much of the work for you easily and efficiently

  7. Design and use templates for common email activities such as advising a debtor that payment is overdue

With relatively little effort or a small monetary outlay (you'd be surprised how small), you can improve email management considerably leaving you free to do other more productive tasks or spend more time with family, friends etc.

If you haven't got your email under control, don't let the gremlins control your life for another day. Do something today to win back your life.

Copyright 2005 Robin Henry | First Published December 2005

Robin Henry is an educator, human resources specialist and Internet marketer who operates his home-based business from Alice Springs in Central Australia. His focus is on helping small to middle-size businesses improve performance by leveraging smart technology and processes and by personal development.

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