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Steve Hanson

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One of the most common tasks a cleaning company does is to take the trash out and it is usually given little or no thought. Trash receptacles can contain broken glass and metal objects. Handling trash in a safe manner will help employees avoid getting cuts and punctures. The following are a few do's and don'ts of safe trash handling.

*Don't press down on trash with hands or feet. You don't know what objects are in the trash.

*Do lift carefully! Get a good grip on the bag. Make sure your hands are dry before lifting. If the bag is heavy, get help before lifting.

*Don't swing filled trash bags on your back! This can cause back injury, may puncture the bag, and may cause trash to spill onto the floor.

*Do handle with care. After removing a bag inspect it for protrusions and holes. Avoid bumping your body against a filled trash bag during removal and disposal.

*Don't block doorways, elevators, stairwells or access to safety and emergency equipment, such as fire alarms and extinguishers, with trash bags.

*Do place a piece of cardboard down if you need to place trash bags inside a building before taking them to a dumpster. This will help to protect the floor from any leakage.

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