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10 Ways to Make Your Emails Look More Professional


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What do you think about when you picture emails? Do you picture slang words, smileys, and acronyms?

Most people do. This causes problems in today's world which requires us to send business emails daily. Thus it is essential that small business owners, and employees, learn to send emails that look professional.

Here are some of the ways that you can make your email look professional.

1) Never Use Emoticons
Emoticons look extremely unprofessional. Emoticons remind people of friendly overly formal emails that look extremely professional.

2) Make Emails Short
Don't send long pages of emails if unnecessary. Try to make your emails short, a page or less is ideal.

If you need to write longer emails, you should at least try to make your paragraphs short. If you send emails that have long paragraphs people will just see a large block of text, and they procrastinate from reading it. This will make it take much longer for the contacts to reply.

Sometimes people will write in all capitals. This makes your emails look extremely unprofessional, and it sometimes makes it look like you are yelling.

4) Finish Quickly
When you are going in to check your emails, just get in and get out. Don't spend a lot of time in reading your emails. Try skimming your emails, instead of reading them.

5) Avoid Procrastination
When you get an email, read it, and reply to it quickly. Don't leave any room for procrastination.

6) Proof Read It
When you finish reading your email, make sure that you proof read it. Also you may want to consider having someone else proof read it, to make sure that it is well written.

7) Don't Just Email
There are many alternatives to email. Think about what method would be the best way to contact the person you are trying to reach. Many times it is better to meet face to face, or talk over the phone than it is to use email.

8) Be Simple
Try to avoid using fancy words or complex sentences. Write exactly what you want to say in the simplest method possible.

9) Remember Your Audience
If your writing to your best customer you should obviously be more formal than if you are writing to one of your employees. Try to always remember who you are writing to, and then write your email with that in mind.

10) Use Your Own Domain
If your company has a website, you can use your own domain. Make your domain ending your company domain DOT com. Not only will this make your emails look more professional, but it will also act as a form of advertising for your website.

I recommend SBI for any small business looking to create a website.

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