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How to Use Better Communication to Ensure Success in Business


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In today's world of competitive business it has become very important for companies, and their employees, to communicate effectively and quickly in order to stay in business.

The faster and more thoroughly a business can communicate with the consumers that buy their goods and within itself the more profit a company can generate in a shorter period of time and gain the edge over their competitors. And profit generation is why a business is in business.

There are many communication tools available to businesses, from the telephone to the computer to even classes on effective communications. For example, there are many training companies that can come to your company and actually teach your employees how communicate more effectively with management and with each other.

Communications between managers and employees, and from employee to employee, is important because it helps reduce misunderstandings and mistakes that can sometimes cost a company large amounts of money. Breakdown in communication may be one of the leading causes of lost profits.

Present day technology has provided companies with the ability to communicate more efficiently and with down to the minute speed. Take for example the computer and the internet.

The internet has become a powerful tool for most companies to use to distribute their products. With the internet a company can advertise its products to the consumer. The consumer can then place an order for a company's product from their own computer. Within moments that order arrives at the shipping desk to be filled and then shipped to the consumer.

The turn-around time between placing an order for a product and receiving that product has been reduced dramatically, in comparison to pre-computer times, because of the internet. This in turn saves companies money, as well as helps them increase their profits.

The computer not only can be used as a means of product distribution or keeping track of inventory, but also as a means to communicate with in-house employees and those that may be located elsewhere in the world. Email for example, now provides managers with the ability to give instructions to their employees no matter where they may be located.

Additionally, employees can more effectively and efficiently keep managers informed of business progress. It is much faster to write and send an email than to go looking for someone within the building or making a phone call.

Let's not forget the convenience of email. In the past, without email, managers and employees would often have to seek each other out to pass information, sometimes interrupting the production of the other. Today, managers and employees alike can review instructive email when it is convenient for them to do so, without interrupting the progress of an important project.

For those emails requiring immediate attention alerts can be attached to them to let the recipient know about the importance of a particular email.

Nonetheless, knowing how to effectively communicate is still as important to a company as it ever was. Just as in personal, face-to-face communication, writing emails requires some understanding of how to effectively communicate.

For example, language and tone can still have an impact upon the overall message of an email. Yes, tone does exist in the written word and is virtually unavoidable in any type of interactive communication.

If you own a company and want to ensure your businesses success within the competitive world of business then first examine the methods of communications your company uses. If applicable start using computers and the internet. And if interpersonal communications within your company can use a boost, consider developing a plan to achieve it.

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