Practicing Good Ergonomics Saves Corporations Time and Money


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Many different injuries and problems stem from bad workstation positioning and improper ergonomics. Carpal Tunnel and Tendinitis are some of the most common workplace injury complaints and are found in a number of different occupations and situations. Hairstylists using their hands in the repetitive scissors motion or a computer programmer sitting in front of the monitor for long periods of time are all prone to problems with the hands and arms.

New worker’s compensation claims are being filed daily for problems stemming from muscle and nerve injuries due to workplace conditions. The numbers seem to be rising possibly due to the increasing number of computer users and workers with a computer monitor and workstation where they spend a considerable amount of time. It is simple to ergonomically position most workstations but without the knowledge of how to do so, most employees will end up in the wrong position.

When a worker reports a carpal tunnel injury from the doctor, they normally cannot perform their standard office tasks or the injury will be worsened. Carpal tunnel requires the wrist and arm to stay at a stable relaxed position and braces are available but do not work in most situations for productivity. The employee can be put on full leave until recovered or surgery is necessary which can leave the employee on absence for a longer period of time.

This can be costly to the employer for the replacement personnel in order to cover for the lost worker and in worker’s compensation claims if it is a work related injury. What business wants to throw money around without a care in the world for prevention of their loss? Not a good one or one that might stay in business long.

Most large corporations purchase their supplies in bulk and have been educated on proper ergonomics in the workplace from the office furniture interiors company that handled the design of the stations. Many large offices also feature workstations with ergonomic keyboard trays for multiple users and an adjustable office chair, the basics for good ergonomics. Prevention of injury is important to these big businesses as they know how costly it can be to replace workers.

All that is needed is ergonomic education for the employees in order to properly position the equipment once seated. With businesses paying more attention to workplace ergonomics, hopefully the number of these hand and arm injuries will decrease and save everyone time and money.

Amy Lieberfarb has been in the office furniture and interior sales industry for 11 years and currently runs two online websites dedicated to Office Chairs and Furniture. Providing information on how to pick the right ergonomic chair and featuring hundreds of different chairs, the site is very informative.

Specializing in Office Furniture and Ergonomic Chairs.

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