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Oral Communication Skills


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In my many years of education, of which I love, I have noticed that success in life all boils down to how well a person can speak. Speaking eloquently and flawlessly in front of other people is an acquired trait and those who do it well, tend to be very successful.

There is no such thing as a natural talent or naturally gifted speaker, but there is such a thing as a well prepared and confident speaker. In order to address the fears of public speaking, one has to really make an effort to get in front of people and speak. I suggest practice and more practice. We are infallible, we all make mistakes, and we all will fail. But that is ok because mistakes are like raindrops on a ducks feathers. We all need to take the confident approach to public speaking, and that is to do it.

Public speaking is not hard, it is just like everything else, it is acquired. Michael Jordan did not become great with natural talent; I think it was natural practice and commitment among other things. Lance Armstrong did not become great because he has natural gifts. I highly doubt that and I do think it was his ability to practice and doing it repeatedly. There are many great people in this life, who have accomplished unbelievable and remarkable feats, but it was not natural, it was practice. So lets practice our public speaking and get going. Lets conquer that fear once and for all.

There is no time to wait because the best time is now. Remember, humans are primates, and we are social creatures, therefore, speaking is highly important.



Nelson Nigel


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