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Unmasking The Business Phantom Part V - Playing Field For The Outcast


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Everyone is entitles to site their opinion for any matters they would wish to present, its constitute our right as a individual to hold our thought or to present it in manner that can be counted as opinion or valid facts. For the lighter terms and with no conflict we present our thought as collaborative opinions, for it will not dwell upon with underlying tedious debate to validate the facts that we presented that will be subjected to test the veracity of its content.

How do present our self, holding the valid opinion or fact where for some reason were not entitle in the first place? Does opinion count in reference to whom we are, the content of our characters and our social standpoint. Or we might even dwell with our self and even create an enemies mind within our ego, which will contradict our very own beliefs to what we stand. Sometimes it's a game of life for some reason that its like a “playing filed for the outcast" to constitute and present fact and opinion.

I might considered my self playing in the field for the outcast in line with my writings, as this has been not belongs to my area of perspective view reference to my current work. Everyone is entitle and all are welcome to present, a coherent or in opposite ideas. To my own I had presented my opinion prior in writing this, as to how I view a business in its general perspectives. It give me a sense of isolation for me to get my opinion out my self and to present it in writings. In the world of competitive arena were action are not presented in tangible motion, were you see nothing but hear it load and clear. From entities of mans whose mastering every breath that they speak to make right ‘ wrong ‘ and to make wrong thing to appear correct and valid in the views of majority. Numbers matter, and he who hold the most count shall embrace victory and defeat is inevitable to his opponent's faith. It is like a two entities that entice and coincide in the same coin, the good and the bad, the head and the tails, the victorious and the failures. Was it the same faith that every thing are made for, to counter the balance of its existing. It is mandated to hold the two side of the coin that one will dominate with the other but cannot exist without its other side. The same faith is with no exemption to the ‘Phantom’ he exists in the dominant state, as a phantom and its real identities are masked with deception or plainly playing anonymously. How it is undeniable to give our eye a daily dose of things that we sees and hears though we just passing by and not directly or in directly involve. From side to side it echoes to our ears that most of the people wants to play in a dominant state, and most will compete just to stay on the top. Word of defeat and failure is not in the list of their vocabularies through we sometime ignoring the fact of what is wrong and what is right.

It gave me sense of recollection of things happening in the world of competitive politics over competitive world businesses. Were I can still recall that once I stood that in Politics what matters is “who" is right were in businesses what matters is “what" is right. There are molded pattern for politics and business specifically design to one another, were and even a 5th grader student knows what pattern to pick for politics and businesses.

I Think most of the business that succeeded has taken the right path of what molded pattern they have pick. And Staying in doing the right thing at the right time is the key factors for that, and I cannot be too specific for the details, as each businesses has their own unique way, that I can say that you cannot applies generic methods, rules, policies, that are applicable to all, it simple will not work. You cannot expect to run a racing car and track with their engine swap at what they are expected to perform and operate, it applied and with no exemption to businesses.

For Politics its a different story, and am taking a step forward on unfamiliar territories, so I might have to take a logical approach to that which such inquiries, such as good and bad side of the politics. For the bad side, in my views in reference to what I see Politics is bad but Politicians make it worst. For the good side let them speak on their own, as they are well equip and has level of expertise for a well-spoken thought that is very well practice prior to election. Some are in good faith to remember and put it into action, other merely lost it in their pocket after their speech. I wonder whether commitment is just a piece of paper, folded in the pocket to be presented in public and that end of the stories, same way as the newscaster read his news that is never been repeated.

We sometimes venturing in endeavor that we don't know much of the risk involve, were it entice either to grind us or polish us. To such point that we embrace even the risk involve would mean to give up the remainder of our life's. Playing field for the Outcast is the closes way for me to say it, and every search, adventure and exploration has a risk factor. It fascinates us to never stop asking “why!!" that in the next day to come, or the next evening that there are always endless possibilities at its outmost extend. Things that will happen that will trigger our curiosities, why not try to venture to something's were unfamiliar with and let the nature do its work. I could be a writer; I see event with no reference to time, a marriage of time and collaborative thinking to write without rules and boundaries, yet find aspiration from my readers. Or when I change my mind I could be an explorer; I see the straightness of the horizon from the level ground and darkness of the deep sea, yet reaching the peek of the mountain reveal the curvature and at the deepest sea a life with light in unbelievable panorama. Life is dynamic and spontaneous is such way that we have freedom to choose, were God has given us what to do, and were freely given a choice on how to do it.

Just Do It with No fear.


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