What the **Bleep** Do You Know About Workplace Attitude?

Carla Rieger

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A new movie is now on DVD entitled “What the *Bleep* Do We Know?". If you haven't already seen it, here is the web site http://whatthebleep.com/ Among other things it's about how attitude makes a HUGE difference to human effectiveness on all levels. Besides that - the movie is very entertaining. Your attitude vastly affects your bio-chemistry - which in turn can make or break your relationships with customers, suppliers, co-workers, bosses, computers, time deadlines, inner dilemmas, family, everything.

What You Focus on Grows

Candace Pert, the bestselling author of Molecules of Emotion, is interviewed in the film. She says our frontal cortex allows us to choose what to pay attention to. At any given moment there is so much stimulus going on. You can’t focus on all of it. The brain has evolved to the point where we can choose what to consciously pay attention to. Think of when you go to the gym and pump up your muscles, it’s the same with what you focus on. Like a bicep, it grows. If you focus on what you love, what you enjoy, what you are grateful for - the pleasure hormones increase - which then feeds your organs and your whole physiology profoundly.

Back Brain Triggers

We are in an evolutionary process. Early humans used their back brains to survive (located at the base of the neck). Over the millenniums our frontal cortex grew (located near the forehead). Metaphorically speaking, the frontal cortex is like the most advanced part of our bio-computer, whereby you have access to much more software -. larger RAM, quicker CPU, better mouse clicking - you name it. However, many people still revert to back brain responses in certain “triggering” situations - such as a grouchy co-worker, an unrealistic time deadline, or the printer eating your last piece of letterhead.

Quantum physicists have now proven that the frontal cortex exists to ensure survival through enjoyment. In other words, if you are enjoying yourself, your entire mind-body system runs far more effectively. That is why laughter works so well to activate the frontal cortex. Jean Houston, a leading edge researcher in Behavioral Science says at the height of laughter the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. The more you operate from your Neo-Cortex - where a larger array of choice resides - the easier it is to choose joy.

Take Joy Breaks

How can you support yourself and others to make more constructive choices each day - to operate from the most advanced part of your bio-computer? A tried and true method is to take 1-10 minute Joy Breaks every day. Even if your workload is enormous, take a few minutes out and see if it makes you more productive, more creative, and more effective with the rest of the things on your TO DO list. Think of things you enjoy and break them down into an activity you could do at work that take less than 10 minutes. For example, a brisk walk in nature, singing, listening to music, calling a friend and telling them a joke, etc. It sounds trivial, but the effects can be enormous. Try it and see.

Earn a Copy of 500 Humorous Quotations

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