Workplace Safety: Performance Begins At the Top ! Lead by Example !

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Most employees are confused when it comes to work place safety. A lot of times management appears to shift the blame rather than lead the pack. Here are a few tips to help you motivate your staff to insure a safer workplace.

1. Lead by example ! A simple statement but not so simple to carry out. If we want our employees to be enthusiastic and consistant about workplace safety we need to be the source of that enthusiasm. If they believe we are simply paying lip-service, or playing the old CYOA game they will either be resistant or only function under the same rules. Be genuinely enthusiastic about the safety of your people. Without them there will be no one to manage or lead. Most people do not practice in their personal lives what they try to display at work. So the first thing is to live your own personal life as you would want your employees to be at work. Think safe and live safe, and it will become who you are and how you feel to your peers and employees.

2. Incentive Programs ! Everything costs money you say? There are all kinds of incentive programs and most of them work to a certain extent. However if your employees truly feel your concern about their well being and that it is at least as much about them as it is about costs, paperwork or Workman's Comp, the incentive for a safer workplace becomes ever-present. Think about it your the leader show them you care and reap the benifits.

Be supportive of your employees, if you demonstrate to them that their safety comes before production, profit, Etc. you will see increases in efficiency and profitability across the board !!

John Fisher is an accredited Master Trainer, Construction Site Safety Master, Consultant and Educator in The Safety and Health Industry.


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