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At the job a sincere climate should rule according to Feng Shui. The working conditions should be that also boring routine work is settled well. Here would qualify these Feng Shui-rules:

Goods Feng Shui in the boss office and in the accounting office are of importance for the total firm. Rest and insularity in these rooms are especially important.

The access to the boss office should be light and roomy. Offices at the end of long and dark halls count as unfit. The boss office should lie in a higher floor than the toilets.

Aquariums with an odd amount at fishes contribute for flourishing a business. Plants and landscape pictures provide positive energy, named Ch´i. They create harmony in the room.

Which colors are favorable, depends on the type of the firm. Red and gold symbolize good fortune. Therefore frequently Chinese shops and restaurants decorate themselves in these colors. Basically the related colors should mediate a feeling of balance.

Business that drive trade should set up vases with big bloomed flowers. Peonies and lillies are suited for example.

The Best Place for Office Chair and Desk

Good work can be encouraged. Therewith to work undisturbed, concentrates and successfully at your desk, the following Feng Shui rules count in:

The desk should never stand that the employee has the door in his back. If one does not know, who enters the room, unrest emerges. At best the employee sits with the the wall behind him and has the door in front of him.

Who sits in his office chair with the wall in his back, should place plants and floor-standing lamps behind the desk additionally.

If the employee sits with the back to the door, it should be recognizable at least through a view into a mirror, who just enters the room.

Door and window should not be opposite in an office. Otherwise the positive energy, the Ch´i, flows unused out of the room.

Desks frequently are placed in front of the window. That is unfavorable according to Feng Shui because the employee cannot see the door then. The desk is therefore placed better into a corner diagonally. The employee sits behind it and sees both the door and the window. Although the danger exists that the flowing energy gathers itself behind the desk. That can cause back pain according to Feng Shui. Therefore the corner should be defused with a shade.

Unfavorably are work places that lie exactly on the straight line between door and window. The desk should moved out of this line and wind chime should be placed in front of the window.

Peter Bishop

Entrepreneur and Office Chair Online-Business owner from Colorado with a strong interest in eastern culture.


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