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Small Business Startup Grants

Akhil Shahani

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Assisting you in establishing your own business is not the sole reason why private institutions and government agencies offer small business startup grants. If these institutions show an interest in your project then only will they give you the grant. Simply having a good idea will not automatically mean that you will be given the grant.

  • Most funding institutions provide grants mostly for “project" context, consistent with their organization's objectives and goals.

    Conditions relating to income or credit

    Usually you don't have to pay back the government grants. Some States require no qualifications for receiving the grant but this is not always the case. You may not have to be qualified the same way that people applying for loan (national as well as private) have to qualify but there is a process for requirement, which you have to pass through in order to get the grant.

  • The myth of “free money" granted for starting or expanding a small business needs to be shattered. They do not provide grants to individuals who might use the money to start only a profitable small business of their own.

    Now you must be wondering about the qualifications that a person should possess in order to get small business startup grants from the government. The main thing you have to prove is, the business idea that you have in mind is feasible. In order to prove that your plan is feasible, you must show that you are trustworthy, which indirectly means that your credit score must be good.

  • independently owned and operated;
  • not dominant in its field;
  • or employs 500 full-time people or less

    To present a feasible business plan

    Before you go and apply for a government grant, you will have to make a good presentation of the project, which you want to undertake. So you will have to put your idea in to a proper presentation. You should do some research along with the study of market in order to show that your business proposal is feasible and that it can earn sufficient amount of money.

  • You submit a business loan application to the small business lender for initial review. If the lender approves of your plan, a copy of the business loan application and a credit analysis are forwarded to the Small Business Administration.

    Although you do not have to pay back the money to the government but the institution would like to invest in those businesses that have the ability to survive with time. These businesses should have the capability to generate work and increase the income of the country, which in turn will add to the country's wellbeing. In order to know the necessities required for obtaining small business startup grants, you will have to talk to the government agency that offers such grants.

    Sanction of government grant

    If you want to obtain small business startup grants then you will have to show the agency that your project is good and feasible. Moreover, the business proposal should be of that category that the government supports and promotes. You won't be able to do anything if you are not eligible for the government grant.

  • Such are only available to support non-profit organizations, lending institutions, and state and local government programs that provide technical and financial assistance to small businesses.

  • Grant opportunities may exist for small businesses engaged in very specialized activities. Many organizations provide job training grants to new and expanding firms.

    So many people want to establish their own business but they are unable to because they don't know how they will get the money for it. It is not the end of the world if you cannot fulfill the requirements required for obtaining small business startup grants.

  • Ineligible projects include land acquisitions, and projects whose primary purpose would be to increase production.
  • A small business does not receive more than one loan in a three year period

    There are government business loans, which you can apply for. The interest charged on these loans is usually low you can pay them back easily.

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