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Greed in Business - 7 Tips on Why it Should Be Avoided

Wim Venter

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Ambition is essential in business. When this ambition turns into greed (an excessive and selfish desire to acquire or possess more than what one deserves) it normally has negative consequences. I have seen the damage that greed has caused so many times that I absolutely believe that it is never worthwhile and should be kept under control. Greed is based on the principle of getting plenty with little input. Dishonesty often accompanies greed. The following tips act as a guideline on why greed is not a good habit:

  1. No value added. When you expect (and get) more in relation than the effort you put in you are a net taker and not a giver. You are essentially part of the problem in the world instead of being part of the solution.
  2. No real success. Self-actualisation is reached when you reach your fullest potential. “Success" based on greed can never achieve this and can be regarded as a hollow success.
  3. Not sustainable. Greed is not built on solid foundations. They say you can fool all people some of the time and some people all of the time, but you can't fool everybody every time. Finally the law of averages will prevail and the house of cards will come tumbling in.
  4. No freedom. There is no real freedom if you forever need to look behind you. It is so much easier to just tell the truth and do the right thing. Freedom is based on doing the right things and to be true to yourself and to others.
  5. Repercussions. When greed is accompanied by dishonesty it will eventually catch-up with the perpetrator. People tend to see through it and legal ramifications are another real threat.
  6. Opportunity costs. When you spend your time on greedy schemes you miss the opportunity to build a business of real value with solid foundations that have the potential to make a positive and sustainable difference.
  7. No respect. Greedy people can sometimes be successful on the surface and have many so-called friends. When they do, however, get into financial and other difficulties they will find that people do not really respect them (they are only attracted to their money) and they are actually on their own.

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Wim Venter is the CEO of Ventex Corporation , a business development consultancy. To receive more information on how to start a new venture, to grow it sustainably and to finally harvest it successfully, sign up for our free newsletters or contact us via our website.


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Greed Is Good In Making Money
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