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Entrepreneur Profit 7 Neglected Steps That Turn Ideas Into Cash


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Entrepreneur profit eludes many entrepreneurs because they unwittingly create their own roadblocks to success. The entrepreneurial spirit is something to be admired with its passion, free spirit and many ideas, but if it isn't bridled and pointed in the direction of a target, it can cause unfavorable results.

True entrepreneurs are full of energy, excitement and ideas. But getting an idea is only the first step. That is where discipline is required to choose the best one and take it to the next step and then the next until you join the circle of people who actually enjoy entrepreneur profit. Decide on an idea and then take control over your thoughts and energy so they are highly directed.

Every human body has an energy system. Your energy plays a major part in the way you feel physically and what you experience mentally. In order to feel good physically, your energy patterns, which are connected to your thoughts, must be in a state of coherence, which is an ordered pattern of frequencies. Your emotions, coming from your thoughts, are very powerful. Chaotic thoughts release stress chemicals that throw your body and mind out of balance. Coherent thoughts allow you to be focused and in tune with ideas and actions that will lead to entrepreneur profit.

Your emotions are a vital part of the equation. Belief in what you are doing is crucial and you must feel passionate about it in order to make steady progress. It is important to physically feel the kind of emotions that are associated with success and then make a habit of feeling them as you are visualizing. Notice that I said FEEL them-which is much different than entertaining a passing thought about success that does not evoke an emotional response that you can feel.

As often as possible, feel positive emotions while you are visualizing a scene that is fashioned around your successful idea. Visualizing is simply watching a movie or scene in your mind's eye or that place where you go mentally when you think about something.

You must have a very clear intention in mind that creates laser beam focus on the end result. In order to see results from your ideas, you must follow through on the thoughts that prompt you to take action. Put one foot in front of the other and entrepreneur profit will be yours before you know it.

But be wary of the #1 pitfall-too many ideas, too little action.

The one thing that entrepreneurs have is plenty of ideas. The ideas come but the follow through doesn't always follow. If your mind is a thought factory that continuously pumps out new ideas but you never take action and turn the ideas into cash, its time to choose one and go for it.

The language of your mind is pictures and you must feed it pictures that represent the life you want to be living.

Create an image in your mind that is symbolic of the success and profit you desire. You can look through magazines for ideas. Find something that makes you feel really good as you think about it because it is the feelings that are most important.

Have a focus statement ready so that when distracting thoughts come to mind, you can brush them aside and repeat your focus statement. Choose something meaningful to you that will break up the thought patterns in your brain that are scattering your energy over too many areas or creating negativity. Then bring in the image that you have chosen to be symbolic of your success and think about it. Dwell on it long enough in your thoughts to create excitement and the kind of energy you will feel when it truly IS your reality.

It is very important to keep an open mind. That allows infinite possibilities to come to your conscious awareness.

Here are steps that if followed, will lead to entrepreneur profit.

1. Create a state of coherence or relaxation in your body
2. Think about the intention or image of success
3. Associate as many positive emotions with it as possible
4. Take the actions you are prompted to take
5. Be on the lookout for opportunities that present themselves
6. Hold the expectation of success
7. Feel grateful because you KNOW success is just around the corner

Repeat often.

Practice awareness because opportunities for success and entrepreneur profit WILL come your way.

Teri Rose uses her life coaching skills as she works with a group of entrepreneurs who are committed to becoming millionaires within the next 5 years. is her platform for helping anyone who wants to be free of life's shackles, live a relaxing lifestyle and enjoy entrepreneur profit.


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Entrepreneurs Ideas: How Do You Start Living Your Life as an Entrepreneur
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