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Does Your Corporate Culture Need Attention?

Mike Krutza

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Have you wondered why you “Feel" differently in some organizations? Perhaps there is a huge culture difference in the workplace. Over the past 20 years traditional business strategies have been to merge, consolidate, acquire. Sometimes with good results, but more often with hierarchical and bureaucratic management structures. . . . largely, focused on profit, critical mass, and size of the company. . . . often ignoring their most important resource. . . people!

Seldom is the “culture of the company" measured in the annual report.

Lighthouse Leadership's recent online survey revealed stunning information. . . .

  • 46% of respondents felt communications were not honest in their workplace.
  • 42% felt the culture did not match what was published in the company brochures.
  • 36% felt they did not make a “difference in the company".

    A key missing piece is “Elegant Courage". . . the courage to be honest in communications during good and tough times.

    10 ways you can tell your corporate culture needs addressing:

    10. Staff meetings are quiet. . . the real meeting takes place in the bathrooms or parking lots.

    9. You actually avoid walking by certain sections of cubicles - they radiate negative vibes.

    8. You're becoming the most tenured person in your department - and you've only been there 13 months.

    7. You can't remember the last time you received sincere feedback.

    6. You've bookmarked ‘Career Builder’ and ‘hot jobs’ on your computer.

    5. At 4:00 pm Sunday night you get a feeling of dread - thinking about Monday

    4. You can't name the top three objectives of your department.

    3. When you're asked what do you like best about your company. . . your answer really doesn't relate to the company.

    2. When you're asked to describe your workplace. . . and the picture that comes to mind is old and stodgy.

    1. You know your corporate culture needs attention when you wouldn't want your friends to join the company.

    Great cultures create honest, loyal, effective employees and profitable businesses. Perhaps your company needs a culture check up!

    Jodi Wiff created the mantra of “Elegant Courage"- honesty with grace and elegance during good or bad times. Jodi's 28 years as a leader distinguished her special and unique problem solving abilities. Her innovativeness and creativity changed the company culture from ugliness - sniping and lack of hope to a warm, engaging, respectful environment. Mike Krutza has more than 30 years in executive leadership characterized by innovativeness, courage and persistence. His sense of strategic vision, integrity and common sense changed the company culture from despair, confusion and unhappiness to a company described by employees as innovative, respectful and a “great place to work. " Mike understands that a great culture is the foundation for excellent business results.

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    Culture and Collusion Condoning Corporate Anarchy (Part Two)
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