Top 10 Trade Show Behavior Tips

Julia O'Connor

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The rule at trade shows for exhibit staff is You = Your Company. Trade shows are hard work and it's easy to fall into lazy behavior. These 10 tips are important and easy to remember.

1. Stand up Straight - Look energenic and ready to do business. Keep your back and shoulders straight, flex your knees

2. Smile - We want to deal with pleasant people and a smile is one of the first things we see

3. Don’t Gossip - It hurts your reputation and people remember the company representative who passed along the gossip

4. Don’t Drink, Smoke or Eat in the Booth - A trade show is sales time, not social time. Move out of the booth.

5. Don’t Chew Gum - It's distracting to the visitor

6. Don’t Curse - When you tell off-color jokes or offend people by race, sex or anything else which may be culturally offensive, people will remember you, and your company. Plus you never know who may overhear you.

7. Wash Your Hands - it may keep you and others alive in these days of new germs and international travel

8. Know What You’re Talking About - It’s your company’s credibility on the line. If you don’t know, say so - and then find out the right answer

9. Look at Me When I’m Talking to You - Use the visitor's name, it’s on the name badge

10. Don’t Use Personal Electronics - In the booth, you look busy and visitors won’t bother you.


Julia O'Connor - Speaker, Author, Consultant - writes about practical aspects of trade shows. As president of Trade Show Training, inc, now celebrating its 10th year, she works with companies in a variety of industries to improve their bottom line and marketing opportunities at trade shows.

Julia is an expert in the psychology of the trade show environment and uses this expertise in sales training and management seminars. Contact her at 804-355-7800 or check the site =>


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