10 Killer Profit Boosters

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1. Gain an advantage over your competition. You should find one benefit your competition doesn't offer and use it as your main selling point.

2. Design your e-zine so it creates multiple free advertising streams. Ask readers to forward it to people they know, offer ad trades, etc.

3. Allow your visitors to subscribe to an update e-zine. Anytime you make changes to your web site they can receive an informative e-mail.

4. Focus your articles on information the targeted readers and e-zine publishers want. They will get published more often, which means free publicity.

5. Use problems to attract online traffic. Find a common online problem and use your web site to solve it. People will visit and see your ads.

6. Have an informative FAQ page at your web site. Anticipate questions your prospects or visitors may have; this will help improve your sales ratio.

7. Improve your negotiation skills. This'll improve your business because you're always negotiating ad swaps, supply prices, joint ventures, wages, etc.

8. Beat your competition by giving away a similar product or service that they charge for. It could be add on products, warranties, servicing, etc.

9. Build a larger online community by giving your visitors bonuses for participating on your message boards or chat rooms. Try free products, ads, etc.

10. Instead of starting an affiliate program, start a referral program. Give people discounts and free products for referring people to your site.

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Rojo Sunsen is a specialized bounty hunter who prefers to work quietly/confidentially for the benefit of her clients.


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