Top 7 Tips to Increase Sales Today By Relationship Selling with Your Prospects

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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You have now prospect's attention. Now what? Before you can share your products or service, you need to build a relationship with your prospect. Transactional selling is a thing of the past. Today's market place is all about selling value through relationship building or what is called relationship selling. Use these 7 tips to help you experience an increase in sales.

  1. Keep the focus on them not on you
  2. The ego is a great as well as terrible thing. In relationship selling, you must release your ego and put the focus on your prospect if you want to see an increase in sales.

  3. Do you homework
  4. You have the attention of your prospect and are meeting a second time as you build the relationship. Before the meeting do your homework about the prospect, the company, the products or services being sold, the industry, etc.

  5. Be prepared
  6. Preparation extends beyond homework, but transcends into the actual meeting. If this is a critical second meeting, you may wish to role-play with someone else.

  7. Ask open-ended questions
  8. The ability to discover the real pain your prospect is critical to showing the value that your products or services bring to the table. Open-ended questions are necessary within this questioning process. Sometimes they are as simple as “And?, " “So?, " etc.

  9. Be a professional
  10. Your professionalism must always be present. Relationship selling is about you and not about your competition. Knocking the competition is again more about your ego and not about your prospect. See Tip #1

  11. Tell stories through client testimonials
  12. By using third party testimonials, you can quickly share the value you bring to understanding their current situations. Again, storytelling removes your ego especially when you focus on your clients’ successes.

  13. Send hand written thank you
  14. Always remember to send a written thank you for the opportunity to meet with the prospect. The note can also confirm you next meeting. For the most part as there are always exceptions, people buy from other people who truly care about them.

Relationship selling begins with relationship building. The quality of time you put into building the relationship will be directly proportional to the increase in sales that you receive.

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Increase Sales by Just Learning How to Read and Not Waste Your Prospects Time
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